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FUE Beard Hair Transplant

This patient is a musician and wanted a fuller beard to go with his long hair. For years he could never accomplish the look and decided to look into hair transplantation as a solution to achieve his cosmetic goal. After consultation with Dr. Boden they decided to perform 1350 hair grafts using the FUE -…

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Beard Hair Transplant – 1670 Hair Grafts

This 41 year old man always had very thin facial hair and wanted to be able to grow a fuller beard.  Dr. Scott Boden utilized the FUT strip extraction procedure and transplanted 1670 grafts in one hair transplant session. In this case the strip excision allowed Dr. Boden to meticulously dissect and sort the grafts…

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ACell + Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Case Study

Dr. Boden generally recommends maximal medical therapy to treat hair loss, and PRP/Acell can be an important adjunct to support existing miniaturized hair. It can be used in conjunction with a hair transplant procedure to support existing hair and potentially enhance more rapid regrowth.

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