Hair Transplant Repairs

Many of our patients seek refinement and revision of previous hair transplants, scalp reductions and flaps performed by other physicians. Large grafts containing 6-20 hairs are noticeable and unnatural looking. Straight hairlines with atypical roundness are characteristic of these older techniques and lend a very unnatural and obvious result. An individual who had a procedure that involved the use of obvious “hair plugs,” will likely be unhappy with the results over time and may wonder what can be done.


Dr. Boden finds that these patients can be some of the most gratifying to treat, as significant improvements can be made by utilizing the most current techniques. Frequently the larger, more prominent grafts can be removed from the frontal hairline, divided into single follicles, and re-transplanted in a more natural pattern. Patients who have been self-conscious about their “hair plugs” for years can finally have their natural appearance effectively restored. Upon consultation, Dr. Boden will recommend the best treatment plan for each patient.


Dr. Boden believes that a friend should only know that you have had a hair transplant procedure if you choose to tell them. If someone can tell that an individual has had a hair transplant, it is not as good as it should be. By utilizing follicular unit grafting, Dr. Boden is able to create a much more natural appearance.


While the patient receives a much more pleasing result, all of the large grafts may not be removed and scarring cannot be eliminated. One must consult with Dr. Boden to determine what can be accomplished on a case by case basis.


Dr. Boden devotes a large part of his practice to these repairs and has demonstrated excellent results time and again.