Case Study

1200 FUE Hair Graft Case Study

Jim ultimately decided to have an FUE procedure in 2017 consisting of 1,200 FUE grafts while supporting his existing hair with various medical therapies. Two years after his procedure, Jim has a naturally appearing hairline.

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8 Month Video FUE Case Study Follow Up

Joe decided to have an FUE hair transplant procedure consisting of 1400 grafts with Dr. Boden. Since FUE involves the surgeon extracting individual follicular units there is no linear donor scar and the patient can shave his head very short and no visible scar is apparent.

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Video Hair Transplant Case Study – 1963 Grafts

 28 year old man who has been bothered by his hair loss for the last three years. His hair loss affected his confidence and made him look older. He already had a mature Norwood hair loss classification 5 pattern. with Dr. Boden, he chose a Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) procedure consisting of 1,963 hair…

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FUE Hair Transplant Video Case Study – 1,585 Hair Grafts

 37 year male with Norwood Hair Loss Classification 4 pattern. He chose a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure as he prefers to keep his hair trimmed very short on the sides and back with no evidence of a thin linear scar.Dr Boden harvested 1,585 FUE grafts and he continues with medical therapy as recommended…

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Massachusetts Guy With Hair Loss Tells His Story

This is a reprint of a RealSelf Testimonial on Dr. Boden’s Profile Page: As a 46 year old professional I wanted the best hair restoration surgeon. I visited three other providers all of whom you hear on the radio. I visited Dr. Boden last – he was by far the most thorough and most concerned…

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Patient Video Hair Restoration Testimonial

Patient Mike discusses his hair transplant experience with Dr. Boden and the Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut. Mike was referred by a friend who had a hair transplant by Dr. Scott Boden. At the time of his hair transplant consult he was 57 years old and was “tired of being bald!” He joked that he…

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Transgender Hair Transplant

Transgender hair transplant

While undergoing gender confirmation surgery this patient had a single outpatient hair transplant procedure consisting of 2,070 follicles, which was completed in approximately 6 hours. She is on appropriate hormonal therapy, and Dr. Boden encouraged her to add minoxidil and proper dietary supplements to support her hair growth.

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1 Year Follow Up FUE Hair Transplant

Matt – a contestant on the TV Show “The Bachelorette” underwent a FUE hair transplant 12 months ago.  Matt was a Norwood Hair Loss Classification 4 and had 1210 FUE hair grafts in one session to fill in the front and create extra density. Watch until the end to see Matt’s amazing results.

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1450 FUE Graft Case Study Follow Up

Before and After FUE Hair Transplant

In this video case study Dr. Boden and his patient, Mike, discuss his hair loss and the process involved to restore his hair. Before – 7 months post op and 14 months postop – 1450 FUE hair grafts – Front View.Before – 7 months post op and 14 months postop – 1450 FUE hair grafts…

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