About Our Staff

Dr. Boden wants you to have the most enjoyable and rewarding experience possible. Our dedicated and experienced team will work hard to make sure you are well taken care of from your initial consultation until well after your procedure.

Hair Transplant Technicians

Unlike franchises that utilize many different Surgical Technicians, Dr. Boden has a dedicated team of Hair Transplant Technician’s, not contracted workers. Dr. Boden has meticulously trained the surgical staff personally. In addition to their intensive training they attend continuing education meetings to ensure that their knowledge is current and in depth. Many of our Surgical assistants have more than a decade of experience working as hair transplant technicians. They form a skilled team who is personable and sensitive to your needs. We maintain the highest degree of medical professionalism and surgical standards to maximize positive results for each procedure. We understand the need for sensitivity and confidentiality required by our patients, and we make this a priority.


It takes years to develop the skills to perfect the technique of Follicular Unit Transplantation. The FUT procedure requires a large number of highly skilled and necessitates strict and continuous supervision. These processes must be flawless to maximize both graft yield and survival. Keeping the grafts in a moist environment is central to the process and not as simple as it sounds, as grafts must be dissected, sorted, stored, held and then placed into the recipient sites. In addition, they must be handled gently so that the delicate growth centers are not damaged. At HRC, our surgical team is an essential part of the process. Our staff has as much an interest in seeing a perfect outcome as does the operating surgeon. Each member of our team is thoroughly trained in stereo-microscopic dissection and graft placing. Continual monitoring insures their techniques create a maximum transplant yield. Our extraordinary team effort produces predictable outcomes with the most exacting Follicular Unit Transplantation procedure possible.

Support Staff

Our hair transplant clinic is busy and organized, thanks to the dedication and hard work of our support staff. Their hard work and diligence assure a standard of service you would expect of a world-class hair transplant clinic.