Eyebrow Hair Restoration

Eyebrow Hair Restoration in Connecticut

You often don’t realize the full impact that eyebrows can make on the total facial presentation until you see a person without them. Eyebrow loss can make an individual feel very self-conscious about his or her appearance, and hair transplantation can often restore eyebrows and, at the same time, self-confidence. This is also true of having eyelashes, a much less commonly requested but still performed procedure.

In Connecticut, Dr. Boden performs eyebrow hair restoration on patients with thinning or hair less brows.

The procedure for restoring eyebrows involves the individual placement of single hairs which will each grow. The meticulous placement of of as many as 350 to 400 hairs to each eyebrow in a single procedure can restore them to their most natural appearance. Critical steps include the microscopic dissection of the individual hairs, and placing the grafts at a specific angle and direction to mimic their natural position.

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Dr. Scott Boden has performed many successful eyebrow transplantations on both men and women. He has dealt with eyebrow hair loss which has resulted from varying reasons, from simple heredity and overplucking.

The specifics of your procedure can be discussed with Dr. Boden. The doctor and his office staff are available to answer all your questions, and to make your hair restoration experience a comfortable and safe one. To learn more, contact Dr. Boden.

My Eyebrow Transplant Is Just What I Hoped For!

“I have wanted to do this eyebrow transplant procedure for years. I am so excited about the new me! It has given me more confidence
in how I look and how others see me, so happy! Dr. Boden and his assistants are the best!”