Beard Hair Transplant

Hair restoration is not just for the scalp. With the growing popularity of beards and moustaches has made the facial hair transplant a more common procedure. Dr. Scott Boden, a certified member of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery has been performing this exacting procedure for over 20 years.

While this procedure was once a rarity, the popularity of beards right now has increased interest tremendously in our practice with the popularity of facial hair and the desire of patients to fill or thicken their facial whiskers. About 10 percent of all consultations each week are related to facial hair. For a man with a sparse mustache or beard, or loss of hair due to injury, facial hair restoration can make a huge difference in improving an individual’s self-image.”

Typically, hair is carefully removed from the permanent growing areas in the back or sides of the head and then transplanted one-by-one into areas of hair loss, where it will “take root” and continue to grow for a lifetime. Transplanting longer, finer hair gives the surgeon the ability to see how the hair will lie on the face and ensures the desired look. Permanent hairs from under the chin can also be transplanted to other areas on the face, including the mustache or eyebrow.