Transgender Hair Transplant

For transgender individuals, hair transplantation to create an appearance that confirms one’s gender identity can be life-affirming, both psychologically and aesthetically.  Dr. Boden has been entrusted by many transgender individuals to restore their hair and is honored to assist in each person’s journey toward their own gender confirmation.

Transgender hair transplant

(L-R) Before, 8 months post-op and 14 months post-op

 For many of our transgender patients, hair transplantation is a critical component of their gender confirmation process.  Hair reflects how a person ‘presents to the world’ and the appearance of male-pattern hair loss for a male-to-female transgender individual can be very distressing.  “It has been a very meaningful part of my practice to be able to assist individuals in the transgender community feel more confident and whole as they move toward full transition” says Dr. Boden.  “A natural-appearing, permanent female hair line is essential for a fully feminized appearance.”

Transgender Hair Transplant Surgery

Transgender hair transplants are performed using the same surgical techniques and technology as other hair restoration or facial hair transplant procedures.  However, transgender hair transplantation requires the highest level of artistry, technical skill, and a complete understanding of both masculine and feminine facial characteristics.


Male to Female Transgender Hair Transplant (MTF)

Male to female (MTF) transgender hair restoration surgery typically focuses on differences in hairlines as well as combating the effects of male pattern baldness.  Referred to as “transgender hairline lowering,” this procedure transforms the existing male hairline into a softer, more rounded, feminine hairline which frames the face appropriately.

It is important for patients seeking facial feminization through transgender hair transplantation to remember that they will still experience typical Male Pattern Hair Loss (MPHL) that can lead to progressive thinning and hairline recession. This can stabilize and potentially improve if hormonal therapy is prescribed.  Other medical therapies to maintain existing hair will also be discussed during your consultation.  In addition to hairline lowering, many MTF transgender patients include eyebrow transplants to further feminize their appearance.

Female to Male Transgender Hair Transplant (FTM)

Most Female to Male (FTM) transgender patients are looking to achieve a more masculine appearance.  This can be accomplished with facial hair transplants to create or strengthen the beard and moustache and even sideburns.  Transgender hair restoration surgery in small sections of body hair such as the chest and abdomen regions are also commonly performed for the FTM transgender patient.  For patients undergoing transition from female to male, Dr. Boden has successfully been performing beard and facial hair transplantation for many years.

Professionalism, compassion, and confidentiality 

In addition to achieving natural results, transgender patients can be assured of being treated with professionalism and privacy, in a compassionate and accepting environment. In our practice we welcome and look forward to helping you meet your cosmetic goals.