Patient Hair Transplant Stories

Patient Name Joe

Our patient, Joe, came to our office about 6 years ago while in his late twenties. He already had significant hair loss that had matured to a Norwood hair loss classification 5. After his consultation with Dr. Boden he determined he wasn’t ready to commit to hair restoration surgery. Like many young men he decided to instead shave his head. After doing so, he felt very self-conscious about it. He worried that with his shaved hair, he came across as an angry, unapproachable guy.

In 2018, Joe returned for another consultation and decided to have an FUE hair transplant procedure consisting of 1400 grafts with Dr. Boden. Since FUE involves the surgeon extracting individual follicular units, there is no linear donor scar visible. Therefore, the patient has the flexibility to shave his or head very short with no apparent scaring.

Since FUE involves the surgeon extracting individual follicular units, there is no linear donor scar visible. Therefore, the patient has the flexibility to shave his or her head very short with no apparent scarring.

(L-R) 6 Years prior, Immediately pre-op with shaved head and 8 months post -op

Patient Name Matt

Matt - a contestant on the TV Show "The Bachelorette". Dr. Boden performed a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure and the results are present at 7 months. Matt was a Norwood Hair Loss Classification 4 and had 1210 FUE hair grafts in one session

Excellent Hair Transplant Result

Patient Name Mike

Details: 1 FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

Approximately 1450 grafts

Photos before, 7 months and 14 months postop

Frontal and crown hair loss

Class IV

Before – 7 months post op and 14 months postop – 1450 FUE hair grafts – Front View.

Patient Name Glen

Details: 2 Hair Transplant Procedures


First procedure: 3075 grafts


Second Procedure: 2276 One year later


Frontal and crown hair loss


Class V


Patient Name: Reno

Details: 2 Hair transplant procedures

Number of Grafts : 3380

Frontal and crown hair loss

(Class V)


Patient Name: AJ

Details: 1 Hair transplant procedure

Number of Grafts : 2600

Frontal and crown hair loss

(Class V)


Patient Name: Mike

Details: 1 Hair transplant procedure

Number of Grafts : 1430

Frontal hair loss

(Class 3)


Patient Name: Chris

Details: 2 Hair transplant procedures
Number of Grafts : 2760
Frontal hair loss
(Class 3)


Dr. Boden embodies the qualities of the ideal surgeon

I don’t usually write testimonials, but I believe my experience with Dr. Scott Boden deserves one. In a nutshell, Dr. Boden embodies the qualities of the ideal surgeon—superb technical skill, artistry, confidence, unimpeachable credentials and specialization, and compassion for his patients.

In my case, I chose to undergo a hair transplant after noticing significant, sudden hair loss around the temple areas, particularly the right side. I was concerned because hair loss did not run in the family. This abrupt loss severely impacted my confidence and self-esteem. I felt older than I truly was. Walking by a mirror was distressing. As an attorney who appears in court on a regular basis and customarily speaks in public, these developments only generated increased anxiety and self-consciousness.
After many unsuccessful attempts at masking my hair loss using different hair styles and hair products, it became clear a medical solution was necessary.
After an exhaustive search for the right medical professional, I selected Dr. Scott Boden and called his office to set up an appointment. During our initial meeting, Dr. Scott thoroughly inquired about my medical history, listened to my concerns, and explained all available options both surgical and non-surgical. Dr. Boden answered all my questions and, armed with all this knowledge, I opted to undergo a FUT transplant.
Dr. Boden’s staff, equally courteous and professional, advised me on pre-operative protocols, financing options, and remained in contact with me through the day of the procedure. That day, Dr. Boden and his staff made all efforts to make the surgery a painless and comfortable experience as possible. The surgical team answered every question and kept me informed throughout the entire process. Looking in the mirror at the end of the procedure reinforced in my mind that I had made the right decision. I did not realize how painstaking the process was and how Dr. Boden and his medical staff had to ensure the proper placement of hairs to make sure the final product would look natural and in harmony with existing hairline patterns. Dr. Boden also took great care to ensure (using precision techniques) that the scar on the back would heal properly and would blend as closely as possible with the scalp (which it did). At the end of the day, I was glad to have taken the initial step towards repopulating the areas of hair loss with new hair.

As Dr. Boden had indicated from the beginning, one must be patient and not expect immediate results. After all, these procedures involve the implanting of tiny hairs and hair follicles into bald areas. These hairs can fall off but are expected to grow back. Nonetheless, waiting was difficult. The truism “Patience is a virtue” could not have been, well, more true.
But patience has its rewards. In a few months (three, for me), I began to notice peach-like hair growth in the previously hairless areas and I could touch the new hair growing. During each of the follow-up appointments, Dr. Boden and I discussed these developments and, again, the doctor emphasized the importance of patience and allowing time to pass. During subsequent months, previously bald areas were progressively repopulating with dark hair (my hair is black) and—as I expressed to Dr. Boden recently—one day I no longer could see bald areas. I could comb my hair just the way I used to before my hair loss. It was as though I was able to turn back time. It was like night and day. Family members cannot believe how my hair practically has returned to pre-loss levels. On occasion we look at my pre-operation pictures to remind us of the stark difference between past and present. For this, I thank Dr. Boden and his staff.
Having experienced outstanding professional treatment, I plan on undergoing another procedure to address some limited (but noticeable, at least to me) hair loss at the vertex and to recreate the hair line around the temple—areas which I chose not to address during the initial procedure. I have full confidence in Dr. Boden and his staff that they will, again, provide the best personal and professional experience possible for this patient.
M.A., Esq.

My expectations were exceeded

Top view before and 8 months post op

I’m 38 years young. Do your research, Dr. Scott Boden in Connecticut will give you the facts, and provide realistic hair restoration goals. The consultation is free, the only thing you have to lose is more hair. When I decided to seriously consider doing something about my thinning hair, like many people with no experience in this, I turned to the internet to guide me. Bosley was by far the most advertised, but upon reading the reviews (PLEASE READ THE REVIEWS) I came to the conclusion that Bosley has a rather large amount of unsatisfied and angry customers. So I kept looking. I live in the northeast, and after doing some research, the same name kept coming up. Scott Boden in Connecticut. Satisfied with what I could prove or disprove on the internet, I set up a free consultation with Dr. Boden, and to say I was impressed is an understatement. The procedure was explained and re-explained until I understood what to expect. His staff is courteous and professional. The price was reasonable and I felt comfortable with my expectations being met. It has now been 8 months since my procedure with Dr. Boden and the difference is like night and day. My hair is fuller and thicker and there is no evidence left of thinning. That to me, is the perfect result. – Chad