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Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
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by Lee on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
Happy Customer

I had a hair transplant just over 1 year ago at Dr. Boden's office. I had about 1300 grafts done. I'll be honest, I was a bit nervous going into the procedure, but I had a friend who worked with Dr. Boden in the past and he highly recommended him. I am glad I did the procedure. Dr. Boden and his team helped me every step of the way, including pre, during and post operation. My results are amazing and I highly reccomend going to Dr. Boden for your hair restoration needs!

by Stephen on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
I Am So Happy with my New Hairline.

Dr. Scott Boden and his staff are great; they are all very professional and discreet. They made me feel very comfortable before, during and after my procedure. I am so glad I put my trust in Dr. Boden in framing my face with a new hairline. His suggestions were spot on. The expectation of what my hair would look like after the procedure was far exceeded. His overall manner, care, and most certainly his talent has made me a very happy customer. I would recommend him very highly to anyone who has experienced hair loss.

by Mallikarjun on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
Fue hair Transplant

I just had my first procedure last Wednesday. I had 1500 graphs implanted. The clinical staff were exceptional under Dr.scott Boden Best experience and back to work the next day pain free. Mild swelling day three as forecasted. Now 7 days later, feeling good and can’t wait to see my results!

by RKB on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut

I just completed my one year follow up with Dr. Boden and I cannot begin to explain how extraordinary the results are. I’ve been losing hair since I was 22, and I am so grateful I had someone like Dr. Boden to help me through the experience and really take all my concerns into consideration. His staff is wonderful and very compassionate. Comparing the before and after is really mind blowing and I could not be happier with the results!

by Prabal P. on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
Excellent Result

I did a lot of research on the hair transplant, and a friend of mine recommended Dr. Boden for the hair transplant. My friend did his transplant with Dr. Boden and after looking at the result from his transplant i was convinced that Dr. Boden was the best doctor for the transplant. I got my appointment for the FUT, Dr. Boden and his team were very welcoming as well as professional. I did my transplant on May 2017. The transplant went smooth, not a lot of pain. I started seeing new hair just after 3-4 months of the transplant. I am very happy with the result, and i am glad that i choose Dr. Boden for the transplant. I would happily do my next surgery with him if i need more hair. I am happy, more confident with the hair i am seeing now. I really appreciate Dr. Boden follow up after 6 months.
Thank you Dr. Boden.

by Mark H. on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
My hairline from 20 years ago returns!

I went to see Dr Boden after researching extensively about finding the right Doctor for my hair transplant. In my opinion he is the best! His staff is also great and you deal directly with Dr. Boden and the very friendly people he works with. There is no middle salesperson you have to go through which for me was important.
My hair situation, I believe was a little different then a majority of his patients. I was in need of bringing my hair and hairline back so that I could cover some scarring on my scalp and head from various operations I had when I was younger. Dr Boden listened to my needs and used his skill to take my hairline back 20 years. It has only been 6 months and already I can see a big difference! My scars are still there but with Dr Boden's help, I am the only one who knows!!

by Matthew on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
Excellent Results

From the moment my first consultation began Dr. Boden made me feel confident that I would get the results I was looking for. I had been bothered and depressed about my hair loss for quite some time before considering surgery. Though my 2 procedures were not cheap they were worth every penny that I spent. My life has been completely transformed by Dr. Boden and his staff. No one can even tell that the newly transplanted hair on my head and eyebrows is not native hair. I'm so glad I decided to spend the time and money on these transplants. My life will never be the same.

by Chris R. on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
Don't Wait Go to Dr. Boden

I had done quite a bit of research in hair restoration procedures. This included visiting 3 doctors in the area whom are well know for hair restoration procedures.
From those visits alone I knew that Dr Boden was the doctor that I would prefer for any procedure. He was very patient and listened to my input before he provided a detailed solution for my hair problem.

Scheduling the procedure was very easy and they were able to fit me in exactly when I was able to do the procedure.

The entire process from the design and preparation to the extraction and insertion of the hairs was perfect. The environment was very relaxing and the Dr and his staff were absolutely the best in every way.

I would go back and do it again tomorrow. I certainly recommend Dr Boden and his staff to anyone questioning anything that has to do with their hair.

by J.S. on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
I am REALLY Happy

I chose to have a hair transplant because I was receding at a young age and it was making me unhappy. After doing some research of ABHRS/ISHRS certified surgeons, I found my way to Dr. Boden's office where I met him for a consultation. The consultation went smoothly and I never felt pressured to buy anything. Dr. Boden has insight for the the non-surgical side of hair restoration along with the surgical which definitely helped my hair volume. We setup a follow up which led to scheduling an FUE transplant.

I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted from a transplant, only that I wanted my hairline lower. Dr. Boden's focus on a natural look, probing questions, and structuring around the shape of my head/face resulted in a transplant that I'm very pleased with.

The surgery itself went very smoothly with Dr. Boden and the medical staff ensuring my comfort. I came in around 8 and was out by 4 with someone taking care of me the whole time. The follow up care and communication with the office was also very smooth.

As a 23 year old, I'm really happy having a younger look with my new hair and it's made me a lot less self conscious. I really recommend anyone who wants to make improvements towards their hair to setup a consultation with Dr. Boden - it can't hurt

by Dana on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
So glad I did this!

My hair was receding and thinning to the point, I was beginning to dislike looking in the mirror each day. I was naturally nervous about the procedure, but Dr. Boden and his staff were just terrific! I could tell he truly cared about what he was doing, and his true concern for my personal needs and expectations. I am very happy I finally did this, and have zero regrets...I can look in the mirror and smile now:)

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