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Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
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by Jeff Anderson on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut

I did some research before visiting Dr. Boden's office. One of the things that drew me to his office was seeing his online interviews describing what he does and how it does it; you cannot fake the enthusiasm and intensity with which he describes his work. My results were fanatasitc and would recommend his highly!

by J.D. on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
I highly recommend!

I selected Dr. Boden because of his reputation for training other doctors throughout the country on this art and science of hair transplants. The recovery time was minimal and I am definitely impressed and happy as I waited to write this about 8 months after the procedure. I already recommended him to family members. He listens, he's compassionate, and he's a good person. You will feel his great loving 'energy' the minute you meet him. The bottom line is he cares about his craft and people (his clients) and it shows. I absolutely highly recommend him.

by Grant P on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
Great Results

Paying for a hair transplant and having surgery is a big decision but is something I was very happy that I did. I conducted a lot of research before selecting Dr Boden as my preferred surgeon and I'm glad with the choice I made. The results look completely natural and it feels great to be able to style my hair again!

by Matthew D. on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
Very happy with my hair

In January of 2017 my New Year's resolution was to do something about my hair loss after my research I zeroed in on Dr Boden he and his team are professional caring and experts in hair restoration to anyone thinking about hair restoration go straight to Dr Boden you won't be disappointed and the sooner the better

by Denise R. on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
Very Pleased With Results!

In December 2017 I finally made the decision to have hair restoration where I had developed traction alopecia over a 10 plus year period. Prior to, during, and post my procedure, I was very pleased with the warmth and level of professionalism exhibited by Dr. Boden and his staff. Furthermore, and, more importantly, I am very pleased with the results! My level of confidence has definitely been boosted and self-consciousness diminished! I would definitely consider Dr. Boden for any future adjustments and highly recommend his services!

by John W. Suarez on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
Extremely Satisfied

Thank you so much for restoring my hair! I feel great I get a lot of compliments and it built up my self esteem I will definitely recommend this procedure to all who are experiencing hair loss. Thank you so much Dr.Scott.,
John W.Suarez

by Christopher on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
Exceeded All Expectations

I was 19 when I noticed the first instance of hair loss. I remember clearly the morning when I was sleepily running pomade through my hair as I had been doing since high school to find a thin spot in the shape of a small but long triangle in the center of my hairline.

Following this was a slow burn of half measures. By that time the following year I had stopped using hair product altogether after visiting dermatologists who did little but advise minimal interference. Later that same year I noticed more significant thinning on my crown and began using Rogaine. It was not until 21 that after exhaustive research on my options I contacted Dr. Scott Boden and began to face facts about my situation.

It should be said first that Dr. Boden has an unfailingly warm and welcoming manner. He's the sort to listen intently to a patient's concerns and be realistic and measured in his recommendations. You get a clear sense from the very first meeting that he is in the business he's in first and foremost to help people look and feel better. I'd also be remiss to not mention the courtesy and professionalism of his staff, who were consistently helpful and accomodating throughout this process.

My 1100 follicle FUE transplant to the front of my hairline took place roughly a year after my first consultation. At this same time I had PRP treatments done to my scalp area, treatments which I have since followed up with after noting a marginal improvement to follicular density in the affected region.

The operation, though long, was less painful than I imagined. The recovery period, though uncomfortable and accompanied by "shock loss" was manageable. I'd say by month three I had recovered entirely from the shock loss and by month six I began to notice improvement in the region. It has now been 14 months since that procedure and I am deeply satisfied with the results, to such an extent that I am quick to recommend him and his services to friends of mine who are beginning to undergo the same unfortunate process of early onset hair loss.

I cannot thank Scott Boden and his staff enough for helping me to turn the tide against this process. On a long enough timeline virtually everyone experiences hair loss or at least some amount of thinning, but with individuals as skilled as Dr. Boden one has options besides simply accepting the inevitable.

by Mark S. on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
Awesome Results

I'll be honest, when my hair started thinning 5 years ago, I was skeptical about hair transplant surgery. I knew I was headed towards my fathers hair which was bald on the top with hair around the edges, so I started using the comb-over method of hair style. This gradually got worse and I had to do something, because I did not want to end up looking like my Dad. So, 2 years ago, my wife and I researched hair restoration options on-line and we found that Dr. Scott Boden Hair Transplant Surgery was the best option. So, we met with him and his staff to discuss my options. Dr. Boden and his staff very clearly explained of the Hair Transplant Surgery process and we scheduled the surgery. The surgery was less painful than I thought it would be and the results have been amazing ! After 1 year, my hair was as thick on the top as it used to be when I was younger and I no longer have to use the comb-over method of hair styling. The whole process from the first meeting, to the surgery, to the restored hair has been very smooth and couldn't be happier with the results !

by J.S, on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
Excited by the change

There is a saying that timing is everything. 16 years ago I was upset that my hair was thinning. I am female and at that time I was in my late thirties. It was an upset that I didn’t talk about because I prayed that things would get better.  I heard an advertisement for a doctor giving a lecture at a local hotel on solutions for thinning hair, mostly hair transplant surgery. I excitedly went and sat in the front row. I noticed that the room was filled mostly with men.

Listening to Dr Boden talk I realized two things: I wasn’t quite ready for something as drastic as surgery and if the time came that I was ready then I knew that I would go to Dr. Boden.

I am now 54 years old and the time came. 10 months ago I went in for hair transplant surgery.Dr. Boden took a great deal of time explaining the procedure and what he felt were realistic expectations.He also told me the likelihood that I would initially lose some of my existing hair in the area surrounding new grafts.I didn’t care.I felt ready.

The initial weeks following surgery were very difficult. My existing hair seemed to take several weeks to come back into balance and I did have some hair shedding following the procedure.  I felt anxious but I was assured by Dr. Boden that the surgery went well and that I needed to wait for the new growth to come.. I became creative with my use of colored hair products, and hats.

I am absolutely thrilled with the results of my transplant surgery. I have been faithfully using the prescription rogaine which seems to be thickening the strands of my hair. I think that my hair looks great.  Even my hairdresser is impressed with the changes.

I used to be very self conscious seeing my scalp through my hair and now I don’t even think about it. I know the amount of hair doesn’t make me a different person. I am just enjoying not living in upset about thinning hair. Thank you Dr. Boden and your staff for doing a wonderful job.

Working with you was worth the wait! 

by Josh on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
Best hair out of all my friends

Dr Boden took his time and explained everything. I did two 1000 follicle transplants. My hair looks great and am very happy with the work he did.

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