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Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
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 by Pete
Awesome experience and results

I waited nine months to write this review - because if you ask Dr. Boden, and you should, it takes at least 12-18 months to see full results.
I think we can all agree that if nature had been a little kinder, none of us would want or need a hair transplant, but if you are going to get one I can't recommend Dr. Boden and his staff any higher and this is not a compensated review in any shape or form.
From the consultation to where I am now, it was just an effortless, easy, painless process that has given me more confidence and made me feel less self conscious. And in my opinion and my wife's and kids opinion it looks great and more importantly completely natural. Nobody can tell I had a hair transplant other then to say I look great. Dr. Boden is just flat out a nice guy. I think he does this because he really wants to help people feel better about themselves. There is no hard sales push (which I experienced at other places) and I feel he really wants to do what's right for the patient. There were a couple times where I was a little freaked out after the procedure and Dr. Boden and his staff were right there to answer all of my questions. I was assured that what I was going through was normal and to be patient. Well... I was patient and I love the results.
Bottom line.... this is the place to go if you want a highly skilled, professional, understanding doctor who is going to work with you to get the best most natural looking results you can. There you have it...........

 by Tim
I have a renewed confidence

I met with two physicians in CT known for their work and just hit it off with Dr. Boden. He understands the various reasons why someone would get this kind of procedure. I have thought about doing this for many years, have watched many videos about the procedure and it was my meeting with Dr. Boden that made me schedule and get it done. I am now one year post procedure and I am quite happy. I did not want to go crazy with the work to make it obvious and I did not need to relay that to Dr. Boden - he brought it up, he drew it out conservatively and we were consistently on the same page. The results - my wife posted pictures online of me holding my kids only 7 months post procedure and people responded that it appeared I was getting younger. I have a young look BUT for my hair before this procedure. The comments are without a doubt as a result of doing this procedure. I have a renewed confidence with the results - it was always on my mind prior to and I could not be happier that I was convinced to do it.

 by Jason F
Thank you for making me look 30 when I’m actually 40!

4 years after the procedure, I am happier than ever with the results. My hairline looks the same as it did when I was 20, strong with zero signs of receding. I check in yearly with Dr. Boden and he is attentive, reviews the before procedure pictures against my current situation. Year to year after the transplant, my hair remains unchanged and as strong as ever. I’ve gotten several compliments about how amazing my hair looks, especially when I go to get a haircut and the barber can not believe that I am 40 with hair as thick and full as I have. Doctor Boden explained to me how he was carefully recreating my natural hairline so it looks natural, even under close examination. This has been the only elective surgery I have ever done and I do not regret it, I would easily do it again if I needed to. Dr. Boden and his office staff are amazing. Thank you for making me look 30 when I’m actually 40.

 by Anonymous
Attention to Detail and Tells you how it is

I was probably around 25 when I realized my hair was thinning and that I need to get in front of this situation. I got my hair transplant with Dr. Boden and now at 33 I couldn't be happier with my decision. From my initial appointment to my last checkin it has been nothing but a positive experience. In the initial appointment Dr. Boden sits you down and tells you the game plan for your specific situation and what the results will look like. Then when the time comes for the procedures Dr. Boden goes over everything and executes to perfection. If you follow all his tips and continue to do your part after the procedure, you will love the results.

 by Anonymous
Great doctor/artist

I highly recommend Dr. Boden. If you are thinking about getting a transplant and are searching everywhere for information like I did, you have found the right doctor in Dr. Boden. Great experience and great results. Knowing what I know after going through it I would have done it sooner. Would do it again without hesitation if needed. He is a top rated doctor and expert in the field. If you are on the fence about doing something you should make an appointment. After talking with him I knew he was the one. Wouldn’t change anything.

 by W
Great experience and very Happy I found Dr Boden

I’ve wanted to do something about my hair loss for years. I’ve tried finasteride, Rogaine, and other supplements but they only seem to slow the loss, not stop or reverse it. After researching hair transplant surgery, I found Dr. Boden and went for an initial consultation. The first thing I noticed was how thorough he was and the fact that I did not feel rushed at all. He took time to review, assess, answer all questions, and was very thorough. The entire experience was very easy right up through surgery. There was some discomfort the first few nights after surgery but it was mild and tolerable. A year and a half later, I’m very happy I went through with the surgery. I was on vaca recently and comparing the pics from this year to previous years, what a difference! The best part is the hair starts to grow subtly. I was not bald but had very thin spots. As those filled in, people kept telling me I look good, ask if I’m doing something different, working out, etc. You can’t have your teenage mop of hair back but being mid 40’s, I feel like I set the clock back 15 years on my hair.

 by Steve
No longer bald!

I began feeling self-conscious about my hair 5 years ago, noticing how much it was thinning and anticipating full-on baldness in my future. My father has a Costanza-like pattern of baldness, routinely being the subject of ridicule for this hair loss pattern, and I started to see myself inching closer to looking like him. I hid it as best I could (or at least tried to take attention away from it) with some styling tricks. I'm sure if you're reading this review on a hair transplant website, you've no doubt tried these same things and they are no longer working. Some friends began publicly cracking jokes about my balding in the last couple years and my brother began referring to me as "baldy". Although I am sure they felt this was good-natured jesting, it was devastating to me. My confidence was at an all-time low and I hated looking at photos of myself. Enter Scott Boden! It was not an easy decision to have this surgery as my default setting is neurotic and I worried about the worst. Dr. Boden and his staff made this an easy process for me. Dr. Boden explained the different surgical approaches to restoring my hairline without pressuring me into anything. He also discussed nonsurgical options should I not want to go down this route. I am thankful that I decided to go the hair transplant route because it is approximately a year later and my hair is looking great. Dr. Boden's restoration was so natural-looking that many people in my life have commented on what a great haircut I have and that I need to keep going to the stylist I am seeing. Thanks to Dr. Boden for making this process smooth and being so kind and courteous along the way!

 by Jeremy G.
I look 10 Years Younger

As a man in my mid 30s, hair loss is a scary thing but I am so glad I discovered the skilled hands of Dr. Boden. The surgery day was a breeze and I look 10 years younger. I tried to get ahead of it before it became a huge problem but in my opinion, there is no reason to suffer from the loss of a significant amount of hair. Do yourself a favor and invest in yourself. You won't regret it for a second and the sooner you do it, the longer you will be able to enjoy your full head of hair. The FUE robot was like something from the future and the staff were very pleasant. It has been 2 years since my surgery and I am loving life. Thanks Dr. Boden!

 by K G
5 years later and perfect

I am writing this as I hit my 5 years since have the procedure done. My hairline looks exactly the same as when I had the work done and as a 40 year old, having the same hairline as I did back in college is amazing.
I highly, highly, highly recommend Dr. Scott Boden. The procedure was quick (about 4 hours total) and effectively painless. This was my first every surgery and while I was sweating hard before it started, if I needed to go in again, I would not think twice about it. The clinics after care is also top class. The doctor makes time to check in yearly, renew my RX's (FINASTERIDE 1MG), and checks to make sure the transplant is healthy.
This was one of the best decisions I have done for my personal appearance. I highly recommend it if you are a good candidate for hair transplant. Please reach out to Dr. Boden and let him help you.
10 out of 5 stars.

 by Manny S
A few weeks after Hair Transplant

I'm 50 - and decided I either needed a transplant or was going to have to shave my head. Met with Dr. Boden. He said I would be a good candidate for surgery but also supplemented my Propecia regimen with Minoxdil and some other non-surgical options.

Now, sitting here, two weeks after surgery - I am really glad I did it. Don't have any idea what the benefits will be until I see them - but I am optimistic they will be exactly what I wanted. But the surgery procedure was not as bad as I thought.

A few things you should know about pre & post - a) you need to grow your hair out to be about an inch long in the back before HUT surgery. b) HUT surgery itself is not very painful or uncomfortable (local numbing). c) First few days after - you need to rest and what you can and cant do is pretty limited (which makes sense you definitely need to protect the grafts). I didn't leave my house until about day 4 so and did so with a baseball cap on. d) From day 5 - 10 or so I still wore a hat everywhere I went because I looked weird (like a human chia pet). After day 10, I am hatless and no one knows I had surgery. I am using my existing hair to cover the recipient area and the scabs have all disappeared so unless someone really looks closely I look like I did pre-surgery.

I followed the instructions I received very carefully and I had no swelling, no bleeding, very little pain/discomfort post surgery (I didn't take any of the prescribed drugs - I just used Advil). I did get the PRP Plasma shot - which may have helped with healing.

While surgery and post-surgery wasn't a big deal at all - I would recommend taking a week off after if you can - just because you will look weird until the scabs fall off.

Anyway - I am really glad I decided to get the surgery and Dr. B and his team are great.

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