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100% Happy

Hi my name is Matt I’m 60 years old I started losing my hair about 20 years ago at the time there was not a lot of options and the ones that were out there I didn’t like the results as time went on I did not like seeing my hairline recede more and more and I finally decided to start researching more when I came across Dr Boden I loved his reviews after making my initial consultation I realized he is the real deal he and his stuff made you feel like they’ve known you for years he gives you real expectations not fake expectations I am 100% happy with he did for me you just have to be patient my advice is don’t wait you won’t regret it

I couldn't be happier with the results.

I made an appointment with Dr. Boden's office one and a half years ago. At the time I was uncertain as to whether or not I could go through with a hair transplant. Genetically, I follow my father's side of the family and have alopecia. My concerns were two fold, if I were to have a transplant would my present receding hair line improve significantly and secondly, what could I do to prevent further hair loss? I was very impressed with Dr. Boden from the get go. He detailed my personal hair loss situation and offered options, including doing nothing at all. There was no hard sell and I was confident that Dr. Boden respected my perspective on the procedure that I not only needed but wanted. The surgery and the procedure were a success. I returned to the office recently and looked at the before and after photos. You forget how bad your hair looked prior to the procedure. It's somewhat startling! I couldn't be happier with the results. Thank you Dr. Boden!

Great Experience

Dr. Boden and his entire staff are wonderful and extremely knowledgeable. My first meeting was very informative and he helped explain what I could realistically expect with no pressure. The day of my procedure went as smooth as I could have wanted and now six months later my hair is looking better than it has in years. I am very pleased with my results and excited to see how they further develop!


Dr. Boden and his staff are at the top of the profession. He always gives a clear comprehensive approach to your hair loss with a game plan tailor made to the results you want to achieve. Being someone that has a lot of experience with hair transplant procedures it’s no surprise why Dr. Boden is considered one of the best in the country. First of all he’s not in a rush to perform a transplant but is much interested in the long game and getting you the best result possible. He’s a nice personable guy and an overall class act.

An amazing professional and personal experience with unbelievable results

Dr. Boden and his entire staff are complete class acts. I've had two procedures with Dr. Boden. one in 09' and one in 17'. I felt so comfortable with both procedures and was taken care of with the best attention to detail. Dr. Boden is an honest doctor only doing what is absolutely necessary for the best results. I scheduled my last procedure because i was still a bit insecure about my hairline and had my wedding coming up within the year. The results were so amazing i was able to slick my hair back during the best day of my life and i still do to this day. The confidence and security i have gained from my relationship with the practice and their procedures has impacted my life on a daily basis. He is a genuine professional who truly cares about every patient. I have recommended him to many friends. If you are thinking about having a procedure, or aren't quite sure if you need one this is the place to go.

Amazing Results!

Mr Boden did an amazing job with my hair restoration. I looked at a couple other Doctors and I felt felt very comfortable with Dr Boden and Teresa . The results of my transplant are beyond my wildest dreams. I have not had so much hair since I was 25 years old. I would recommend Dr Boden to anyone that is thinking about hair transplant surgery.

Excellent Experience!

Dr. Boden is a very knowledgable individual who helped me feel my decision for hair transplant was the right one. I looked into several hair replacement centers prior to Dr. Boden and I did not feel listened to or understood about my legitimate questions and hesitations. I feel my hair looks great and I strongly recommend Dr. Boden and his staff.

Great Decision

I had considered some type hair replacement for several years. I visited several of the national hair replacement centers and didn't like the options or consultation experiences that I had.I kept researching options and types of procedures available and came across Dr. Boden. I read the reviews and set up a consultation and from that point forward everything was outstanding. Dr. Boden and his team where great from the consultation through the procedure and follow up. The only regret is that I didn't find Dr. Boden sooner.

Wonderful Experience-Amazing Results

From first consultation to the transplant procedure to the amazing end result and subsequent follow-ups, Dr. Boden and his team were outstanding - professional, compassionate, knowledgeable. The personalized plan of action and array of hair regimens to continue hair growth and hair health were fully explained. Dr. Boden and I worked together to determine what would be best for my hair as well as fit my budget and lifestyle. The ultimate decisions were mine - no pressure. More than a year later, the results are amazing- more than I could have hoped. Hooray!

Lucky I Found Dr. Boden

After many years of seeing my hair get thinner from where it used to be thick. I decided I wanted to get a hair transplant. Way back in 2010, I read an article from November’s GQ magazine. It followed someone getting a transplant and what to expect. It directed me to go to and click on “Find A Surgeon”.It’s now 2017 and I finally looked for a surgeon and found Dr. Scott Boden through that website. After reading his bio and watching his video, I talked to my wife about it and we decided to go see him.He was very warm, kind and Knowledgeable about the transplant. I left there feeling very good about it and within 6 months decided to go through with it. The experience was very positive. The staff there was incredibly kind and great. The back of my head, where the transplanted hairs where taken from, was the only discomfort. In time and with some medication it got better.I am very pleased with the way the transplant turned out. I feel and look better! The results of the transplant is above my expectations!

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