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Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
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 by Scott H
I highly recommend Dr. Boden and his staff.

When I made the decision to have a hair transplant, I began online research. The testimonials, convenient location, and many certifications drew me to Dr. Boden.

I made an appointment for an initial consultation; first, he asked me what outcome I sought. He then explained that it was realistic, the options and how the procedure would progress.

There was no pressure, more like two friends talking. Dr. Boden is straightforward and spent a good deal of time answering my questions. On the day of the procedure, I was a bit nervous, but Dr. Boden has a wonderful staff, and soon I relaxed. The procedure took about 8 hours, with a nice break in between for lunch. There was very little discomfort.

Within three months, my barber noticed new hair growth; about month four, I could see the same. From months 5 to 9, significantly more hair.
I am very pleased with the result. Getting a hair transplant was an investment in myself, which goes along with keeping fit and working out.
I highly recommend Dr. Boden and his staff.

 by SS
Highly recommend for great outcome and compassionate care!

I am extremely thankful that I found Dr. Boden and his team! From my initial visit through two transplant surgeries and the follow up visits I couldn’t be more pleased.

I started noticing my hair thinning at age 65. As a women that has always cared for her appearance, I found that devastating. I researched what could be done to limit the hair loss and learned about the possibility of hair transplantation. After researching a number of hair surgeons and reading copious reviews, I set up a consultation with Dr. Boden. He put me at ease and I felt that I had really found someone who would help me through whatever options made sense for me. Just feeling that I found a group who understood what I was going through and could provide some support was worth so much. Dr. Boden did not push surgery but focused on an overall care routine including vitamins, shampoos, and medication.

It turned out that I was a good candidate for surgery and I ended up having two FUT surgeries done by Dr. Boden and his team. The team only does one surgery a day so the patient has all of their attention. It was all explained ahead of time, a fairly simple process for the patient, not painful, and a fairly quick recovery. Again,
Dr. Boden and his team put me at ease, were highly supportive, and very professional.

Post surgery, I didn’t hesitate to call with questions and met with Dr. Boden for a couple of follow-ups. I have been very pleased with the care and support provided by Dr. Boden and his team and have been extremely pleased with the surgery results. My hairline is better defined now and I no longer avoid looking in the mirror. I hold Dr. Boden and his team in the highest regard and highly recommend them to anyone looking for exceptional skill combined with compassionate care!

 by Dylan
Top Notch!

If you are even considering a hair transplant procedure and are within driving distance of Dr. Boden do yourself a favor and go in for a consultation. If you are like me then you are probably are in the middle of spending an innumerable amount of hours researching hair transplants and where the best place is to get one.

Well, my friend, search no longer. Dr. Boden is one of the few doctors who will actually give you an honest assessment as to whether or not he thinks you would benefit from a procedure and will not just take your money and run like so many other practices. I saw a one star review for Dr. Boden (something rare, as he has almost perfect reviews) and read that the customer was not happy that Dr. Boden advised he would NOT be a good candidate for surgery. This confounds me as this is the exact reason you know you can trust a provider when they will be honest with you.

Dr. Boden has more degrees than a thermometer and is one of the expert practitioners in the field, worldwide. From the first consultation, I felt extremely comfortable and Dr. Boden sat with me for over an hour helping answer all my stupid and overly wordy questions/concerns. He is often late to appointments but I quickly realized the reason for this was because he was often still in a previous appointment helping answer questions and assuaging concerns for another patient. He is not like many providers who give you 10 minutes and then jet.

I had the procedure done recently and would not have wanted to do it with any other provider. Dr. Boden takes the time to make your hairline look natural and creates something that will age gracefully as you age. If you are like me and have watched YouTube videos of hair transplants then I am sure you have seen some awful results from clinics that give you an unnaturally low or straight hairline. Dr. Boden takes pride in creating something that looks natural to your head.

His staff is top notch and every member of his team is concerned with one thing only, your comfort and safety. The day of the procedure was a breeze because of this and I felt like I was in a room of friends rather than strangers.

I still have some time before I see my results but I am happy with what they are theoretically going to look like once all is said and done.

If you are thinking about going this route, trust Dr. Boden, he is more qualified than anybody around and has the rare combination of being a doctor with high technical skill and a comforting bedside manner. And if you want to chat more, reach out to me, I am happy to walk through the whole process and offer support.

All the best.

 by David
Surpassed my expectations

Dear Dr. Scott Boden and the Entire Team,

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the remarkable care and outstanding results that I experienced during my hair transplant journey. I am truly grateful for the exceptional service, professionalism, and life-changing outcomes that I owe entirely to you, Dr. Boden, and your incredible team.

Throughout the entire process, from my initial consultation to the post-operative care, your dedication and personal touch were evident at every step. Your unwavering commitment to excellence and your genuine concern for my well-being made a significant impact on me. I felt valued, heard, and understood as you patiently addressed all of my concerns, putting my mind at ease.

The results of my hair transplant have surpassed all of my expectations. I never could have imagined that the outcome would be so fantastic. The transformation I have experienced is truly remarkable, and it has not only enhanced my appearance but also my overall confidence and self-esteem. I am forever grateful for the exceptional skill and expertise that you possess, Dr. Boden. Your artistry and attention to detail have given me a natural and aesthetically pleasing result that I am proud to showcase.

Equally deserving of my gratitude is the entire team who supported me throughout this journey. From the friendly faces that greeted me at the reception to the attentive nurses and technicians who worked tirelessly behind the scenes, your collective effort was instrumental in making this experience a positive one. The warmth, care, and professionalism that radiated from each team member were truly commendable.

I want to emphasize how thankful I am for the comprehensive service that your clinic provided. Your attention to detail, your clear communication, and your genuine concern for my well-being were evident from the beginning. It was reassuring to know that I was in the hands of experts who not only excel in their technical skills but also genuinely care about the outcome and the satisfaction of their patients.

Dr. Boden, you and your entire team have truly changed my life, and I cannot express my gratitude enough. Your exceptional skills, personalized care, and remarkable results have left an indelible impression on me. Thank you for giving me back my confidence, for making me feel comfortable in my own skin, and for providing an experience that I will forever cherish.

 by GSB
Enthusiastically recommend Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut

I recently went for my 2 year post op check up with Dr Boden which confirmed what I already knew..... the procedure was a resounding success! From the very beginning of the process I was impressed with the professionalism of Dr Boden and his staff. They were very pleasant to deal with and were patient and responsive to my questions and concerns. If there was a need I would not hesitate to go back there for any additional work and would enthusiastically recommend Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut to anyone considering a hair transplant procedure

 by Chris
Incredibly Satisfied, Knowledgable and Informed Patient

Although this review will probably read like a paid testimonial OR, that I am not a family member....I can promise, not the case.

I am however, a discerning, paying customer that did extensive due diligence on selecting Dr. Boden. I am also comparing my very recent experience against (2) successful, prior procedures done elsewhere with another reputable hair transplant MD.

With that said, I hope this rather lengthy review is helpful to anyone that is really worried about making this type of decision. Because it is admittedly, a big one.

In short, my hair transplant background and history for those considering Dr. Boden is this....he is the the right MD / TEAM for you. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. What an exceptional person and physician. His TEAM (Marissa, Ray, Kim and JC) are equally caring and exceptionally good at what they do. This is so important when choosing a Hair Restoration TEAM. You get what you pay for and this TEAM has been working together SOLELY ON HAIR TRANSPLANTS for 15 + years. I only wanted to go to an MD that specialized solely in hair transplants. That is the short version. Here is the long version to validate.

I live 3 HRS outside CT. I had (2) prior procedures done in the mid-west, due to the recommendation of a friend, who had a procedure done with a Hair Transplant MD (with a good reputation). Both procedures were completed 15 and 17 years ago. The results were good. No one knew I had 4,000 grafts implanted. Now in retrospect, I think I was lied to about the amount of grafts I actually have. And now that I have something to compare against w/ my experience with TEAM BODEN, I really I did more homework and gone to Dr. Boden initially. Oh well.

Now that I have something to compare against, I did not really feel great about those overall, prior (2) experiences. There was no follow-up from the MD. No great staff interaction. The time taken between procedures was no where the length of time it took with Dr. Boden and his team. Again, while the grafts look good and no one really looks at my hairline, I can see the that the grafts were not done in the front as well as they could have.

I am 53 and in the Medical Field for over 30 years; working with a variety of MDs across multiple specialties. I did over a year of research on various hair transplant MDs across the United States. I did not care about the expense for travel because I wanted the best results. I heard through someone about Dr. Boden and did extensive research over a year before deciding to move forward.


I wanted to fill in the areas up front and crown to have a more fuller look.

With that said and now, after having my transplant done with Dr. Boden and his TEAM (just 2-days ago), the entire experience was completely different; in the best of many ways.

First, Dr. Boden's ZOOM consultation was exceptional. I was initially hesitant shelling out $200. but it was $ well spent because he really took the time over 30-minutes, to understand my goals and if they were realistic. We had a very informed discussion and further solidified my thought process on Dr. Boden. His bedside demeanor is unlike any MD I have worked with for 30-years. He truly cares and will take the time.

When I arrived at the office, Dr. Boden again took the time before doing anything in the OR. We actually spent close to an hour together going through what we wanted to accomplish, what was realistic and honestly, putting me more at ease. He knew I was nervous, because I told him. But when I was done with our in-person consultation, I was no longer anxious...I was actually excited to get started. I knew it was going to be a great experience.

The procedure was long. I had 1,800 grafts implanted. But more time is a good thing. This means they are being meticulous with their job. It is an art implanting these grafts and Dr Boden and his team are "Picassos". That may sound "cheesey". But if you have had a successful procedure previously done and then have Dr. Boden, it's just a different level of expertise. He is really a discerning artist.

It's has only been 2-days, so how do I know it was a great hair transplant procedure? I can just tell.

My lack of pain is SO MUCH less than the first (2) procedures. This is a testament to how good of a surgeon Dr. Boden is. There is NO pain. Only slight discomfort. What MD takes the time to call that night and then the next day? None that I have worked with. He never asked me to do a review after my procedure, or on either phone call. Dr. Boden is a class act. He is just an exceptional physician that legitimately cares about his patients.

The lack of redness and scabs from the hairs implanted is almost negligible already.

Dr. Boden is on the forefront of embracing new technology that helps patients. He uses a cleaning/healing product (post-procedure) that is ahead of it's time, but now is becoming standard of care. I believe this, in addition to how well he does the actual removal procedure is making the healing process so much better. Dr. Boden was an ER MD for 12 years prior to becoming a Hair Transplant MD. I believe this is another reason why he is so good at what he does. This is a-typical from other MDs doing hair transplants.

My wife reminded me of how visible my transplants were w/ my prior (2) procedures and she could see the back of my hair line where the grafts were removed. I remember having to stay home for a week both times. I am in sales. So I was losing money as a result. NOT THE CASE with Dr. Boden and the TEAM.

I was on ZOOM yesterday presenting to 70 people and no one could tell I had 1,800 grafts implanted (half in front), only 2-days ago.

D. Boden's transplant team is like a navy SEAL team; they are precise, work together closely and are a well-oiled machine. Marissa, Ray and JC have worked together and with Dr. Boden for 15-years. These are young, but seasoned, caring professionals. They are equally important as Dr. Boden. They are the ones that take the follicles and separate them under the microscope and then transplant them after Dr. Boden artfully makes the incisions.

There is no comparison from this TEAM to the "techs" that completed my other (2) procedures. I could not even tell you who they are and I do remember being a little worried when the procedures were being done at the time.

Conversely with this TEAM, I will remember them and appreciate them for years to come. They are class individuals that care and are so methodical with their work. That is why the procedure took 6-HRS. There is no way my other (2) procedures took this amount of time. Because the same level of effort was not put into it. Kim, the new Nurse Practitioner was also very caring and considerate when Dr. Boden was performing the surgery.

I know that in 9-12 months, my transplants are going to look exceptional and my hair will be that much fuller and no one will know....not even me. I can just tell.

This review was admittedly long. But if you are someone (like me), that is trying to make the best informed decision, because you do not want to have a bad experience and throw away hard-earned money, valuable hair grafts you cannot get back and a look that is less than optimal, then I hope this review has helped in some small way.

Thank you Dr. Boden, Marissa, Ray, JC and Kim. You are exceptional at what you do and exceptionally caring people. I am very thankful to have been your patient.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families!

 by Rob De Sesa
An exceptionally positive experience

I recently had a FUT procedure done. Dr. Boden began the process with a very collaborative discussion and sketching of my hair transplant placement. Dr Boden was very patient and happy to listen to me. After our meeting, we proceeded to begin the procedure. The pain during the entire process was negligible. And my donor sight produced an exceedingly high number of follicular units. The 4 technicians carefully dissected 3,330 units and carefully transplanted each one into the tiny incisions Dr Boden made on my scalp. I was truly amazed at the efficiency and quality of the entire process, including a post procedure kit of sprays, neck pillow, and detailed post op instructions. I felt very well cared for and the vibe of the technicians as well as Dr Boden were very positive and respectful. I highly recommend Dr. Boden as a top tier hair transplant surgeon.

 by James M
Best of the best

A year after my surgery, I couldn't be more thrilled with my results. I researched a few doctors in NY, CT, and MA, and felt very comfortable and confident with Dr. Boden and his team. What I love most about my results is how natural they are. I had a FUE done as this was the best option for what I was looking for. My recovery was very quick and easy, and I quickly saw some results in the first few months. Not only did my hair look better, but my confidence has shot up as well. I can't thank Dr. Boden enough and if you're looking in the New England area, look no further.

 by CD
Couldn’t be happier!!

I was looking for a permanent solution for my rapidly thinning hair. I researched many hair transplant physicians, specifying ones who have received accolades from their peers. I was also looking for renowned surgeons with a lot of experience specializing in hair transplantation. Dr. Boden was one of the physicians whose name kept popping up. Dr Boden has more than 20 years of experience as well as being a Fellowship-trained, Board Certified Hair Transplant surgeon and a Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. Not many surgeons can claim that level of accreditation and experience. When I first met Dr. Boden he was warm and welcoming with tremendous knowledge. But most outstanding, was his way of putting me at ease with his pressure-free demeanor. Dr. Boden was very honest and forthcoming about expectations. I had every reason to believe that I found the right doctor to perform my hair transplant procedure. It also helps that his staff is kind and courteous. After getting an FUT transplant, I was ecstatic with the results and so were my wife and children. The transplant has given me much more confidence to the point where I’m a much happier person on a daily basis. If I could do it all over again, I would have Dr. Boden do my hair transplant procedure again and again. I simply love the results. Seeing as I have very fine hair, I plan on getting a second FUT procedure in the near future with, the only surgeon I trust, Dr. Boden.

You only live once. Don’t settle for a shaved head if you feel that’s not the best look for you. You do have a choice. Since Dr. Boden is reasonably priced and one of the best there is, I very highly recommend him for anyone seeking to gain more confidence in your appearance. You will not be disappointed…it will change your life!!

 by KB
Couldn't be happier!

Dr. Boden and his team performed my hair restoration procedure in their Wethersfield facility last August and I couldn't be happier with the result. I ended up with over 1800 grafts.

The procedure itself is long and tedious as each hair follicle must be carefully extracted and repositioned and they do this with great care. You really don't want them moving any faster than they are! There's both a science and an art to it, which is why working with the right doctor is so important. Anyone can extract follicles, but getting them positioned in a way that looks natural is an art and your doctor's experience is crucial here. The main reason I went with Dr. Boden was that he does a ton of this exact procedure and his experience was what I wanted working for me.

He and the staff took great care to ensure I was comfortable throughout the procedure (which lasted a full work day) and I was not the easiest of patients to make comfortable, admittedly. The entire office basically devotes itself to a single patient at a time, all day long, and it all runs very smoothly. When it was done after 6 or 7 hours they taught me how to care for the surgery areas and provided me with all of the materials I would need to care for it properly. It healed fast, and I was back in the gym within a month or so.

Now, a year later, I look easily 7 to 8 years younger. My girlfriend said once it had grown in, and I quote, "That was money well-spent." If your appearance is important to you, your significant other, your profession, or your well-being, you owe it to yourself to at least consult with Dr. Boden and talk about your options. The only regret I have is not doing it sooner. I would heartily recommend Dr. Boden to anyone and would return to see him should I ever need hair restoration in the future. 10/10

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