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Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
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by North Carolina Critical Reviewer on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
Capable, Trustworthy, Experienced Specialist Gives Best Results Possible

1 year post-hair transplant:
My criteria for choosing Dr. Boden were 1)Top in ability with proven experience 2)Trustworthy, high reputation for patient satisfaction 3)Specializes in hair transplant. I'm pleased to report he exceeded all my expectations.

I traveled from NC to Connecticut for the procedure. To me, the travel was not a factor. The final results are what mattered. We did the initial consultation over video which was totally adequate to assess my needs. The procedure went very smoothly. Dr. Boden's staff are nice, friendly and competent. I felt very at ease. He followed up to check on me after I returned home. The sutures were easily removed at an urgent care center at nominal cost. 1 year later, my hair is full, healthy and natural looking. I couldn't be happier with the results.

Don't fall for the flashy, hype providers. They will do only half the job so they can get you to come back again. This was my prior experience at Dr. Z in California. It was barely 2 years later and they're repeatedly calling me to do another procedure. They actually threw away a portion of my donor hair instead of using it! You can trust Dr. Boden and his staff to do the best possible for you.

by Juliana on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
Found the Right Surgeon

Just wanted to thank you Dr. Boden and his team for helping me throughout the transplant and after. It's been 15 months after my transplant and I'm very happy with the results.

I spent many months looking for the right surgeon and I couldn't be happier to have had Dr. Boden and his team perform the procedure.

After many years struggling with hair loss, I know I made the right choice. So much emotional pain that was almost completely eliminated through the hands of the professional, caring and honest Dr. Boden. - God bless!

by Nick on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
Hair restoration

For 5 years I had an auto immune problem that did a lot of damage to my hair. With Dr. Boden’s help I was able to have my hair recover from the damages and look better than it has in 5 years. Dr. Boden is a great man and it is truly a blessing to have his help.

by Nick on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
Don’t Wait!

Dr. Boden was nothing but a pleasure to work with and went above and beyond on my procedure before, during and after. My results are fantastic and my only regret is not having the procedure don’t sooner. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone considering restoration treatment.

by Dave on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
I couldn't be happier

I did 6 months of research prior to choosing Dr. Boden. My choice of Dr. Boden is a decision I couldn't be happier with. Dr. Boden makes you feel comfortable and listens to all your concerns and expectations prior to making his recommendations and performing the surgery. He not only corrected a previous procedure I had done some 30 years ago but transplanted some 2500 hair follicles to the front and back of my head. The procedure was painless and recovery time was short and simple. Now I have the appearance of a full head of naturally growing hair. There is no way anyone can distinguish between the transplanted hair and that which hasn't been transplanted. The result is completely natural and I couldn't be happier. I don't have enough good things to say about Dr Boden and his staff.

by R.F. on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
Excellent Results from the Best Around!

I did a plethora of research and a significant amount of due diligence before deciding on a hair transplant surgeon. After months of reading reviews on sites like Realself, and asking around for personal opinions, I decided on Dr. Boden because of his spotless reviews and industry-leading credentials.

However, I was 100% sold after my consultation with him. Even though he is busy, he never once made me feel rushed and was willing to politely and patiently answer all of my questions and concerns. Quite frankly, his honesty in telling me that I didn't really need the transplant at my age and Norwood stage made me realize that he is a doctor with my best interests in mind.

The actual procedure itself (2500 grafts, based upon my choosing and his agreement) was a breeze with minimal discomfort, and his staff who helped with the follicle implants were professional and skilled. Overall the procedure took about 6 hours or so.

Recovery was very easy and apart from some minor pain at the surgical site and some scalp itching after a few days, I hardly even noticed I went through a procedure. Aftercare and follow-up with Dr. Boden was also a good experience.

I couldn't be happier with my results and I would recommend Dr. Boden to anyone looking for a hair transplant, or for hair regrowth solutions! In fact, I have already recommended one person who has gone through the procedure with Dr. Boden, and he also had excellent results.

by Steve on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
Dr. Boden is an exceptional Doctor.

Dr. Boden is an exceptional Doctor. He's an expert on hair restoration, and his staff is exceptional. Everyone in Dr. Boden's office is kind and courteous and on the procedure day, you are their only concern and only patient. I am very pleased with the results of my hair procedure and would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Boden.

by J.C on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
My Hair Looks Great & Natural

Dr. Boden and Team,
I want to express how happy I am with the decision to have my hair transplant with you. It has been a little over 2 years since my procedure and it has made such a difference in my confidence, my appearance and my overall happiness. Here are a few things that I want to share with you and your team.
Like many, on my first visit I struggled with emotions of vanity and some nervousness of what the results may look like. After a great visit with Dr Boden, I left feeling that it IS okay for me to want to restore my appearance and I had a true understanding of expectations, without pressure. I interviewed with several centers before meeting with your team and not one of them took so much time helping with the emotions of my decision.
On the day of my procedure your team made everything feel more like a spa day than a procedure. Everyone was so very professional and comforting. I was completely comfortable and relaxed from beginning to end, both physically and emotionally. The procedure was flawless and the results were exciting even right after.
You and your team have such an expertise in what you do, in all aspects. It’s now been 2 years, my hair looks great and is so natural. I love that it’s mine and there to stay.
If there have any clients thinking of having this done and they would like to talk with someone experienced, by all means I would be happy to talk them through my own.
Thank you all of everything!

by H.D. on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
Fortunately I met Dr. Boden

After meeting with other hair specialists, I thought that there were no options left for dealing with thinning hair. Fortunately, after a consultation with Dr. Boden, I learned there definitely some viable solutions . After some preliminary evaluations, Dr. Boden recommended some treatments for thinning hair that were non- invasive, cost-effective and reasonable.

Within a year, I have seen improvements and been very happy with the results.

After my experience, I would highly recommend his services and common sense approach to others looking to find solutions to their problems with hair loss, thinning ,etc.

by P.T on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
My Inflection point.

Following a first "discovery" appointment with Dr. Boden, I decided to have a procedure in June 2018. I am only writing the review now because I did not take the time, but also because I think it makes sense to do this with enough retrospection. Like many of the other reviews I read here, I would definitely confirm that Dr Boden and his team do a wonderful job and are very professional in the way the approach the procedure and support before, during and after. But most importantly, I want to share how this procedure was a major inflection point for me.

Lot of people may hesitate, because they are scared, or maybe because they are not sure about the "payback" of such investment, is it really worth it? My experience, is that it is worth every penny. It's not just about the "hair", it's about re-gaining self esteem, and for me it was an inflection point like I said. I completely changed my diet and lost over 20 pounds, I quit smoking, and I started to have a whole new lifestyle as a whole. Looking back, THIS procedure was what triggered everything else. Because it corresponded to making a very significant and conscious decision to do something about what I did not like, did not want to be. If you are reading this, it means you're considering doing it. If you're considering it, it means you are not happy with the status quo. If you're not happy with the status quo, do something about it ! Dr Boden can help 😉

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