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Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
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by J.S. on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
I am REALLY Happy

I chose to have a hair transplant because I was receding at a young age and it was making me unhappy. After doing some research of ABHRS/ISHRS certified surgeons, I found my way to Dr. Boden's office where I met him for a consultation. The consultation went smoothly and I never felt pressured to buy anything. Dr. Boden has insight for the the non-surgical side of hair restoration along with the surgical which definitely helped my hair volume. We setup a follow up which led to scheduling an FUE transplant.

I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted from a transplant, only that I wanted my hairline lower. Dr. Boden's focus on a natural look, probing questions, and structuring around the shape of my head/face resulted in a transplant that I'm very pleased with.

The surgery itself went very smoothly with Dr. Boden and the medical staff ensuring my comfort. I came in around 8 and was out by 4 with someone taking care of me the whole time. The follow up care and communication with the office was also very smooth.

As a 23 year old, I'm really happy having a younger look with my new hair and it's made me a lot less self conscious. I really recommend anyone who wants to make improvements towards their hair to setup a consultation with Dr. Boden - it can't hurt

by Dana on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
So glad I did this!

My hair was receding and thinning to the point, I was beginning to dislike looking in the mirror each day. I was naturally nervous about the procedure, but Dr. Boden and his staff were just terrific! I could tell he truly cared about what he was doing, and his true concern for my personal needs and expectations. I am very happy I finally did this, and have zero regrets...I can look in the mirror and smile now:)

by Aaron M. on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
7 months in with excellent results

I have been losing my hair since I was a teenager and I have not enjoyed it. Finally now I am in my 30's I decided to really do something about it instead of hiding behind my hat. I met with a couple of hair transplant doctors to see what this FUE/FUT thing is all about. After I met with Dr. Boden I knew that if I am going to do this procedure, I want him to do it. He was very thorough in explaining the process with me and was open to realistic expectations after the procedure. I felt very confident in what I was getting with Dr. Boden. Now, about 8 months after having the procedure, I couldn't be happier and more confident with my appearance. Dr. Boden knows that every head is different and the hairline will be different with everyone depending on their face and head. My hair blends and looks natural. Dr. Boden said I still have a few months of thickening and filling in to go so with that being said I can not wait to see how it looks when completely filled in. I am extremely happy with Dr. Boden. I no longer feel like I need to hide behind my hat. I know it is stereotypical to say but I really wish I had contacted him sooner.

by Melissa on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
Amazing Job

Dr Boden did an amazing job with my eyebrows and temple area. Very professional. Spoke about everything that was going to happen and staff was very friendly.

by Mark Smith on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
Friendly & Educated Hair Restoration

A year ago, I was getting very depressed about my thinning hair and began to think about options. I tried Rogaine, specialized shampoos and taking Biotin with no results. My thinning hair began to affect my confidence at business meetings and in social settings. My wife realized my concern and helped me with exploring hair restoration options on the internet. After an exhaustive search, we found Dr. Scott Boden. His approach was very friendly and informative without being pushy towards any one option. After meeting with him and discussing my options, Dr. Boden suggested that I was a good candidate for Hair Transplant Surgery. He explained every aspect of the surgery down to the smallest detail and made me feel comfortable about how my hair would respond. After thinking it over and discussing it with my wife, I decided to have the surgery done. The day of the surgery the office staff was friendly and welcoming, making me feel very comfortable during the surgery. I found that the recovery was not as bad as I thought it might be and my hair responded just as Dr. Boden had. After 8 months, my hair is growing in full and healthy, and I couldn't be happier ! Thanks to Dr. Boden and his staff for restoring my hair and my confidence !

by Sara on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
Female Hair Transplant - Outstanding Doctor and Experience!

I finally did it! I am a 25 year old female who has traction alopecia. From the age of 7-16 I wore my hair in tight, high ponytails and I eventually noticed that it ruined my hairline and made my forehead way too large for my liking. I have very long hair and lots of it and I guess the pressure of supporting all of that eventually damaged the follicles. Unfortunately the damage was done and the hair never grew back. I’ve been bothered by my hairline for the last 8 years and it has truly hindered me in so many ways. I couldn’t part my hair anywhere but the middle, couldn’t wear my hair up anymore with it hurting, I hated swimming, sweating or getting my hair wet, and every single day I would waste an hour and a half washing, blow drying and fixing my hair and filling in the entire hairline with a dark eyeshadow just to conceal it.

I decided a couple of years ago to do something about it and had 3 consultations with other pretty well known New York Hair Restoration doctors before I found Dr. Boden in Connecticut. I’ve done years of research and reading through almost every post about others having this procedure so I am quite knowledgeable. Not that the other doctors are not good at what they do but my gut just told me to hold out and explore other options. Once I met with Dr. Boden last year I immediately knew that he was the doctor for me. He spent an HOUR with me throughly discussing my options and goals at my consultation and I really felt that he took an interest in me as a person. On top of being intelligent and extremely knowledgeable especially about female hairlines in my case, he has a very caring nature about him and he quickly earned my trust. I scheduled the procedure to be on 10/08/2018 about a year after meeting him and yesterday was the day!

I couldn’t really sleep the night before due to being nervous but once I walked in the office in the morning all my anxiety melted away and I wasn’t really as nervous anymore. First off, Dr. Boden and his entire staff are so friendly and nuturing, they were extremely attentive and wanted to make sure I was comfortable throughout the duration of the procedure. I honestly felt no pain whatsoever throughout the entire procedure believe it or not! They give you a massage while they numb you with local anesthesia and according to most people the local is the most painful part but I really felt nothing but a pin prick shockingly enough. I thought the massage to distract the nerves was such a good idea as I had never read of other doctors doing that. I was able to watch movies during the procedure and I actually fell asleep a couple of times! I was there from 8am-4pm and once I got home I didn’t even need any pain medication but I took one around 11 before I fell asleep just in case.

This experience went better than I could have ever imagined and I cannot thank Dr. Boden, Theresa, and the rest of his staff enough. The doctor even gives you his personal phone number which I find to be rare and a testament to how caring this doctor is. I am so excited to see how everything turns out and I will update as much as possible 🙂 I wanted to share my experience because there is not enough information out there about females getting hair transplants so I hope that this helps someone!

by Massachusetts guy with hair loss on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
Thank You - 100% Satisfied - Stop Listening to the Radio and Call Dr. Boden

As a 46 year old professional I wanted the best hair restoration surgeon. I visited three other providers all of whom you hear on the radio. I visited Dr. Boden last - he was by far the most thorough and most concerned with the best looking result. Dr. Boden is a board certified hair restoration surgeon and was there conducting the transplant. His team was fantastic. Value - again Dr. Boden was not the highest or the lowest - I received great value and amazing results which is really what matters. I invested in myself and my appearance and 100% satisfied.
Trust - I trusted Dr. Boden with my appearance and felt he was just as concerned as my result as I was.
Stop listening to the radio and make an appointment. Worth every penny, wish I had done it years ago. Thank you!

by Ethan on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
Great Results, Great Process

I had a lot of trepidation to even walk into Dr. Boden's office but from the moment I did was treated as a friend. Dr. Boden walked me through the whole process from procedure to post op and was very candid. The results speak for themselves. I should have done this 10 years ago.

by Nadia on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
Fantastic Eyebrows

I was born with thick, dark eyebrows that could put Cara Delevingne's to shame. With a talented hand, I could've perfected them into any shape I wanted. In middle school, after classmates teased me about my thick eyebrows, I turned to my mother and asked her if she'd help me shape them. As unsupportive as she was, she refused and told me to just live with them. So, I decided to start tweezing them myself at the ripe old age of 12. I literally tweezed everyday after school, because they grew back so fast. They ended up crooked, misshapen and thin, because I obviously had no idea what I was doing. As time went on, I made them look thinner and thinner (as was the style back in the 90's). Eventually, they stopped growing back altogether. Who knew that eyebrows could stop growing back?! Not me. I then decided to get them tattooed/microbladed. $1600.00 and 3 microblading sessions later..they aged me, and made me look 10 years older. Not only that, but the ink faded away within a couple of months. I would spent 45 min in the morning drawing in my eyebrows. I actually had friends (in their 30's) shamelessly comment about how thin and non existent they were. So, finally at age 33, I decided I was going to get an eyebrow transplant. I made an appointment with Dr Boden, as he had great reviews and offered free consultations. Upon meeting, he was extremely warm and friendly. I immediately felt at ease. I felt very secure with his vast knowledge of hair transplants and years of experience. He really took the time to talk to me about my situation, goals, and what landed me in my situation. I didn't feel rushed at all, like I usually do when visiting doctors of any sort. I felt like he was very compassionate, really cared and wanted to really help me. So I booked my appointment and waited for my procedure, anxiously. The day of the procedure, I arrived at his office, bright and early at 8:00am. The nurses and staff were very sweet and offered to play whatever music station id like to listen to. While listening to Taylor Swift, Dr Boden had me draw in the shape I wanted for my brows. He then numbed the back of my head and took out the graft we were going to use for the transplanted hairs. This is completely painless, and actually felt like it was done very efficiently and quickly. The entire process was painless, due to the local anesthetic used, and I was able to drive myself home after. I had to keep the brows moist and clean, and stayed home about 3-4 days due to swelling. Afterwards, the transplanted hairs on my brows stayed for about 2 weeks before the transplanted hairs fell off. During this time, I went to work, and carried about my usual business. I actually received a ton of compliments within a few days of getting this done, after the swelling dissipated. I finally had my dream brows! Three months later, the actual hairs started growing in, and continued to grow upto a year later, as promised. I'd say about 90% of the hair transplanted has grown back in. Microbladed brows are like makeup..they only give color and shade. Real hair gives dimension and no amount of makeup can fake that. I literally look 10 years younger with my fuller brows. The best part is, you would never know I had an eyebrow transplant, they look completely natural (since they are your own hairs!). This procedure has changed my life and it is literally the BEST thing I've ever done! My only regret is that I wish I'd done it a lot sooner!

by Matt B. on Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut
100% Happy

Hi my name is Matt I’m 60 years old I started losing my hair about 20 years ago at the time there was not a lot of options and the ones that were out there I didn’t like the results as time went on I did not like seeing my hairline recede more and more and I finally decided to start researching more when I came across Dr Boden I loved his reviews after making my initial consultation I realized he is the real deal he and his stuff made you feel like they’ve known you for years he gives you real expectations not fake expectations I am 100% happy with he did for me you just have to be patient my advice is don’t wait you won’t regret it

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