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Amazing Results!

Mr Boden did an amazing job with my hair restoration. I looked at a couple other Doctors and I felt felt very comfortable with Dr Boden and Teresa . The results of my transplant are beyond my wildest dreams. I have not had so much hair since I was 25 years old. I would recommend Dr Boden to anyone that is thinking about hair transplant surgery.

Excellent Experience!

Dr. Boden is a very knowledgable individual who helped me feel my decision for hair transplant was the right one. I looked into several hair replacement centers prior to Dr. Boden and I did not feel listened to or understood about my legitimate questions and hesitations. I feel my hair looks great and I strongly recommend Dr. Boden and his staff.

Great Decision

I had considered some type hair replacement for several years. I visited several of the national hair replacement centers and didn't like the options or consultation experiences that I had.I kept researching options and types of procedures available and came across Dr. Boden. I read the reviews and set up a consultation and from that point forward everything was outstanding. Dr. Boden and his team where great from the consultation through the procedure and follow up. The only regret is that I didn't find Dr. Boden sooner.

Wonderful Experience-Amazing Results

From first consultation to the transplant procedure to the amazing end result and subsequent follow-ups, Dr. Boden and his team were outstanding - professional, compassionate, knowledgeable. The personalized plan of action and array of hair regimens to continue hair growth and hair health were fully explained. Dr. Boden and I worked together to determine what would be best for my hair as well as fit my budget and lifestyle. The ultimate decisions were mine - no pressure. More than a year later, the results are amazing- more than I could have hoped. Hooray!

Lucky I Found Dr. Boden

After many years of seeing my hair get thinner from where it used to be thick. I decided I wanted to get a hair transplant. Way back in 2010, I read an article from November’s GQ magazine. It followed someone getting a transplant and what to expect. It directed me to go to and click on “Find A Surgeon”.It’s now 2017 and I finally looked for a surgeon and found Dr. Scott Boden through that website. After reading his bio and watching his video, I talked to my wife about it and we decided to go see him.He was very warm, kind and Knowledgeable about the transplant. I left there feeling very good about it and within 6 months decided to go through with it. The experience was very positive. The staff there was incredibly kind and great. The back of my head, where the transplanted hairs where taken from, was the only discomfort. In time and with some medication it got better.I am very pleased with the way the transplant turned out. I feel and look better! The results of the transplant is above my expectations!

A+ Experience

I scheduled my transplant and flew across the country to receive it from Dr. Boden because I was impressed with reviews and photos.Upon arriving I got super nervous and the morning of the operation I told Dr. Boden “I don’t think I need this transplant. Let’s talk through it, and if it isn’t the right fit for me, I may just say fly home and live with my thinning hair.”I loved his response. “I am totally ok with you doing that if you aren’t convinced it is something you want to do.”I appreciated the response because I knew he had blocked out his schedule to perform my transplant, paid his staff to be there and be ready, etc. and for me to cancel meant he would incur some cost (which I would have been happy to pay).After talking with him, I decided to move forward with a conservative approach of about 1000 grafts. Not to lower or manipulate my hairline, but rather to re-inforce what I had left.Long story short, it was a fantastic decision and experience from start to finish.I am extremely pleased with the results and have referred some friends to Dr. Boden. If I ever decide to have more transplanted, I will work with Dr. Boden for sure.A+ Experience.

Amazing results from a different perspective

I would like to take this opportunity to share our experience. Our son began losing his hair when he was just 15 years old. It progressed rapidly. By age 16 he was wearing hats or beanies all the time. When we first met Dr Boden, we were just looking for answers to why so young to be losing hair. I was impressed by the way he connected with our son. He did not jump to a hair transplant right then. We discussed options. Over the course of a year, we utilized medications, and special shampoo. We did a PRP process and looked at his diet. I believe our son was one of his youngest clients. When Kyle was 18, we did a transplant. Dr. Boden was amazing. His staff is so kind. Teresa is so good. Dr. Boden is honest with his patients, no candy coating! We did a conservative 1800 follicles on the front and crown of his head. The goal was to create a more natural looking hair line. The results were amazing. Over time it just got better and fuller. Our son's self esteem improved so much. He is a happy, confident young man now. Words cannot describe what a difference Dr. Boden made in his life. Thank you!

How Lucky Am I?

I was very nervous to undergo a hair transplant, not knowing what to expect or not knowing if it would work. Then I came across Dr. Boden and his fantastic staff at HRC of CT! Dr. Boden has the ability to assess your situation, what your expectations and desired outcome are and then actively discusses all your options with you to find the best plan of treatment for you. He will not tell you what you want to hear, he’s not there to sell products or supplements. He honestly tells you all your options and then let’s you do the talking to find out what each patient is comfortable doing as far as procedures, medications and cost. But that’s just the beginning!Dr. Boden...or as I like to call him, the hair whisperer, has a fantastic, artistic vision as it applies to each patient. Taking into consideration your age, shape of face and realistic hairlines... just basically what he thinks is best for you. He will put a plan together, make Sure you are both on the same page and then explains what to expect before, during and after the procedure.Now trust me! If chicken little me can handle the procedure, anyone can. He explains everything he’s doing and the staff is the absolute sweetest group I’ve ever had take care of me. They will take good care of you too! They are the best!In the three days I spent with them ( procedure, next day follow up and suture removal) I felt like we all became friends. I haven’t seen them in a few weeks and I can honestly say I miss them! Dr. Boden’s humor and kindness, the staff making you feel like you’re family..everything. I might have to pop in over the summer to get my happy group fix!Listen carefully to their post procedure instructions! You’ll only benefit from being a good patient. I have been telling other women about my experience and how lucky I was to come across these great people. I’m hoping this review will encourage more women to decide to take that step and make the appointment. I’m so glad I did!

Experience was a PERFECT 10!

Around 34 I noticed that my hairline wasn't as healthy as it was 5 years ago.  It was a very slow process and I never really noticed it because the men in my family line all have healthy amounts of hair.   However, once I noticed it, I couldn't unsee it and every time I looked in the mirror, I saw it.  Every time I walked by the glass walls at work, I saw my reflection and I always focused on how my hair looked.  While I could conceal it, I was always worried that a wayward gust of wind would uncover the diminished hairline.  In the end, I invested entirely too much emotional energy to making sure my hair looked as it did 10 years ago.I decided to research what my options were.  I saw that hair transplants were a time tested method of fixing the condition and had a relatively quick procedure time and recovery cycle.  I called and made an appointment and was immediately sold.  I scheduled the operation on June 2017 and as of the time of writing this in April 2018, my hair looks better than it ever has.  Doctor Boden and I worked on a transplant that was natural and fit my normal and historical pattern of hair.  He lowered my hairline about half an inch so it wasn't noticeable to anyone I knew once it started to grow in.  He was very knowledgeable and laid out everything to me in laymen's terms so I knew exactly what was to happen.  He made sure to keep everything grounded in reality.  He wasn't trying to sell me.  He took some pictures and draw in what to expect.  I actually expected less than the results that I got.I had about 1200 follicles transplanted.  While I was extremely nervous on the day of the operation since I never had a surgery before, it was a very easy procedure.  The whole event took about 5 hours including the prep work and post operation care /instructions for the following two weeks to ensure maximum success.  I only had to take 1 week off from work and when I returned, no one noticed anything.  Even my parents and friends had no clue that I had anything done after just 7 days.  In the end, no one knows I had this operation done and about 6 months after the operation I saw a huge different in my hairline as the new hairs started growing in.The end result after 10 months is that I have a thicker head of hair than I ever had based on old photos but not to such a degree as to be noticed.  I've had several women tell me that they love how thick my hair is and how attractive it is.  Even a few friends have commented on how they love how I shape my hair and how good it looks.  As scary as the procedure was in my head before I did it, if I needed a second trip in the future, I would not hesitate to use Dr. Boden.If you have any thought about restoring your hair, I urge you to contact Doctor Boden's office.  I have absolutely zero regrets and rate the results as a perfect 10.

Great Hair Transplant Experience - Let Me Answer Your Questions

I am currently 30 years old and when I got my FUE hair transplant procedure done I was 29. I would like to answer the questions that were going through my head when I was trying to make the decision if I should do this procedure or not.Q. Why should I do it?A.  Well my hair was thinning in the crown and around my hairline. I was not terrible but noticeable. I said to myself either I can sit here and do nothing until it gets worse or I can take action now so I did. Please do not wait till your hair situation gets worse, I am so happy that I chose to do it early because not only do I feel great about the results, I am not thinking about my hair all day long.Q.  Why did I chose Dr Boden?A.  Well I did much research and Dr. Boden has great reviews. I said ok sure i'll go in for the initial consultation and see if I feel like I still want to go through with it. When I met Dr. Boden I was shocked how honest he is. He did not try to sell me fake dreams and hopes about my hair. He suggested on what I should do, how he plans to do it, and what the end result would be. One thing I love about Dr. Boden is that he emphasizes the natural look of the hair. He wants to do the procedure so the end result will look natural and that's exactly what I was looking for as well.Q.  How was the procedure?A.  I was in the room in the morning and driving home by mid afternoon. It did not hurt. Dr. Boden has a few assistants that set you up and then Dr. Boden comes in and does the procedure himself. Everyone is very professional and I did not feel any pain during the procedure. After the procedure one thing I would suggest it to make sure you follow the directions.Q.  How is my end result?A. I am extremely happy about the result. In the first few months I felt like "oh no, I don't see any difference", but one year later I definitely notice the difference.Overall, I would say if you are reading this review, just make that appointment and go visit Dr. Boden. Don't wait because you can spend that time recovering and getting your hair back!

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