6 Month Hair Transplant Transition

6-Month Hair Transplant Transition After 1689 Hair Grafts

The patient is a 41-year-old man, a Human Resources professional, with frontal hair loss (Norwood 4A), and fine, light brown hair. He had a single FUE procedure, in which 1,689 follicles were transplanted to the hairline and frontal portion of his area of hair loss.

He shared photos of his progress during the first six months after his hair transplant and is really happy with the results so far, and feels as though he has turned the clock back a few years.

The photos show the gradual and completely natural change that can be expected following transplantation. He can expect increasing density as more hair grows in over the next year.

“The goal of a successful hair transplant is to draw attention toward the eyes, and not provide a focus on the hair at all,” explained Dr. Boden. “I hope people can see from this series of photos the subtle yet very meaningful changes that are brought about by a carefully planned transplant procedure.”