Do Bedside Manners Matter?

consultation that makes you feel listened to and understood.
How important are bedside manners?  I recently read an article discussing doctors and ‘Bedside Manners’. It said that good bedside manners can be
important in helping patients recover more quickly form serious illnesses, however too many healthcare professionals have too little time to communicate to their patients.


Is this relevant to people with hair loss? Do hair-loss sufferers need help in handling their condition, even though their problem isn’t life threatening?  I
say, yes! Hair loss may not be life threatening, but it is often ‘life-altering’.  I’ve heard some ‘hair raising’ stories of people who have seen consultants who are very insulting and not very empathetic.


At HRAM Center from your initial phone call to your consultation you are treated with respect.  We call this the HRAM difference.


is the HRAM difference?


1) Dr. Boden personally meets with every client, (Yes, you actually meet with the Doctor AND it is FREE.)


2)The staff at Dr. Boden’s office have over 40 years combined experience in the Hair loss industry and aren’t “rented” or flown in.


3) Dr. Boden is a fulltime Doctor who specializes in both Medical and Surgical Hair loss treatments for both men and women.


4) Dr. Boden and his team of professionals perform one surgery per day. This isn’t a factory, each patient’s every need is tended to from
playing their preferred music to ordering lunch and accommodating special dietary requests.


Treating people with hair loss is not just about giving them a treatment regimen to follow, it’s also about helping them cope with their condition until results are seen (which can sometimes take up to six months). When you choose a Hair transplant surgeon you are extremely concerned about losing your hair and you are beside yourself with worry that you are going bald; as well as finding and treating the causes of
your condition, make sure the person you’re seeing will show empathy and understanding, and that his/her staff are there for you when the specialist is busy. This way, your condition may improve more quickly.


So if you want an excellent Hair transplant Doctor who also has a great bedside manner then call 860-563-1400 to schedule your comprehensive consultation or visit


Dr. Boden serves patients in the New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island vicinity with offices conveniently located throughout
Connecticut.  Traveling from further away?  Ask about our travel allowance.


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