Do Hair Extensions Cause Hair Loss???

Do Hair Extensions Cause Hair Loss?

While many women extoll the cosmetic virtues of hair extensions — they are designed to add to the length and fullness of one’s hair — many others have realized the potential for extensions to cause hair loss.

"We have some female clients in their early 20's that have worn hair extensions for six months and have bald spots, " Dr. Scott Boden, a Connecticut Hair Transplant Physician states.

Some of the hair loss can be attributed to traction alopecia, which is localized hair loss that occurs with constant tugging on the follicles. However some of the problems occur due to underlying medical conditions, like anemia. Regardless the underlying cause, when someone is exposed to prolonged tension and weight from cosmetic enhancements, temporary or permanent areas of balding can occur. In some cases hair may grow back in those areas, but for individuals with permanent hair loss from extensions, hair transplantation may be the best treatment. In those cases, a visit to a hair restoration physician is the first step towards treating or repairing your hair loss.

This risk of damage to the hair is why it is important to use caution and care with extensions, as well as to have an understanding of potential issues the extensions might cause.

Dr. Boden states, "One must understand the risks associated with hair extensions, If you're going to do any extensions it is best to not leave them in long term."

Dr. Scott Boden offers medical and surgical hair loss solutions for female and males.  Dr. Boden has offices located throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York.