Lady Gaga Using Rogaine

According to the UK Sun Lady Gaga is going bald due to all the chemical dyes she has used on her hair, which is all part of her flamboyant and creative package. Sources state that she is turning to the product Rogaine, which is often promoted in TV commercials for arresting the baldness and promoting new hair growth. Just the mention that the world’s most recognized pop diva is using this product, should be worth millions of advertising for the Rogaine company.

The latest short haircut that Lady Gaga is sporting is what the singer is calling a “chemical haircut.” She said in a recent interview that she needed to cut her blonde hair short due to all the damage from dyes, according to Contact Music.

"The overuse of chemicals and dyes to the hair can most certainly cause hair-loss," states Dr. Boden.  Rogaine may indeed assist in regrowing some of Lady Gaga's hair.  Women and Men need to use chemicals and dyes cautiously or possibly suffer from related hair loss, states Dr. Boden.