Donor Scar Repair With FUE Hair Transplant

Although rare, some patients with linear strip extraction during hair restoration surgery may heal with wider scars if they have "hyperelastic" or stretchable skin and are predisposed to wider scars. Although the hair from above will cover the scar this is a problem for patients that wish to cut their hair less than 1/2" long in the back.

Dr. Boden recently had a patient with hyperelastic skin and after two linear extraction (FUT) procedures, had a single widened donor scar (maximum 8 mm) that prevented him from getting a short haircut.  He wished to have the flexibility of a shorter haircut and opted for a small FUE procedure to address the donor scar.  Dr. Boden placed 290 follicles obtained via FUE into the donor scar to totally camouflage the scar such that he can now get a short haircut. (See pictures below)



Dr. Boden frequently receives patient referrals from plastic surgeons and dermatologists whose patients may have scars on their heads from previous plastic surgery (for example, post-facelift / browlift) or from injury, radiation treatment, or burns.

Many people are surprised and pleased to learn that hair can successfully be transplanted into scars, and that their own hair can regrow in areas of unsightly scarring.

The video below shows Dr. Boden combing through this patients hair after the scar repair surgery.