Patient Video Hair Restoration Testimonial

Patient Mike discusses his hair transplant experience with Dr. Boden and the Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut.

Mike was referred by a friend who had a hair transplant by Dr. Scott Boden. At the time of his hair transplant consult he was 57 years old and was “tired of being bald!” He joked that he wanted to look like he did when his work ID badge photo was taken more than 20 years earlier(See photos below).

He was a Norwood Hair Loss Classification 5, which is extensive baldness, with salt and pepper hair, and had a single hair transplant procedure consisting of 2,874 follicles. The results exceeded his expectations and he is very pleased. Note that we always strive for a natural appearance, and while the crown still appears less dense than the front, he appears completely natural. (and at least ten years younger!)

His testimonial:  “Dr. Boden, I can’t thank you and your staff enough for the great work you did for me. The time, small effort and funds involved were well worth it! The results far exceeded my expectations! Attached is a photo I.D. taken about 20 years ago. I would say you “nailed it” as far as recreating my former hairline. Actually my hairline may be even a bit better now than in the picture! Thanks again,
Mike F.”

Mike 20 years prior – work photo ID and before and 1 year after hair transplant surgery.