Patient tells his Hair Transplant Story

Before and After Hair Transplant Surgery with Dr. Scott Boden

I am going to try and put into words my experience with Dr Boden. To fully explain my experience before, during, and after won’t be hard but trying to convey my enthusiasm about it might be. Let’s start off by saying I am a people person. I love people. Love meeting them and love getting to know them. I am also an entrepreneur so I have a high threshold for risk and make decisions very quickly on the paths I take.

With that being said, I am 41 years old and my hairline was receding. Not too bad, most people would say I was fine but regardless it bothered me. For the past few years it bothered me more and more. Mind you I am a confident individual but I take care of myself and put effort into slowing down the aging process by eating well and going to the gym regularly. My hair, though, gained nothing from this process. I have heard of all the over-the-counter products and besides being skeptical I know myself and probably would not keep up with using them.

A buddy of mine, someone who is a close friend was feeling the same way and started researching getting his hair transplanted. He met with Dr Boden and called me. “You have to meet him, come in with me and we will sit down together”, he said. So he set up an appointment and we went.

I am going to try and describe Dr Boden in the simplest of ways. This guy is a good guy. I mean a really good guy. You know when you meet someone and you can sum them up very quickly? Dr Boden has a gentle way about him with a friendly smile. He is attentive and passionate about what he does.

Before and After Hair Transplant Surgery with Dr. Scott Boden

Before and After Hair Transplant Surgery with Dr. Scott Boden

Dr Boden explained how the whole process works and broke it down very directly for me. He explained (My terms not his) that the hair on the lower portion of your head on the sides and back is basically stronger than the top portion. This is why we see people balding in the front of their head and the top. So they simply remove hairs from the portion of your head with strength and put it in the places that need filling. Now you have strong hair growing in these area that will not fail in the future. Pretty simple right?

This was no quick fix or hair plug or any of the gimmicks one might have heard of. This was the real deal. “Where do I sign!” I set up a date to solve a simple problem that was making me nuts.

I waited excitedly not really knowing what to expect and the day came. I have to tell you this was the easiest day ever. My instructions were to cut my hair short and that I would be lying down for the day during the procedure. Again being high energy this was my biggest fear. I really didn’t know if I could sit there all day. But yet again Dr Boden put me at ease and his amazing staff created an environment that was not only relaxing but fun. Dr Boden started by extracting the hairs he would use later that day. Once extracted, his staff would separate them into piles of single, double and triple hairs. After that he created incisions where they were to be placed. And finally they put those great hairs of mine into those designated areas. Am I simplifying this? Not really. This is how it went. I got up, hugged everyone and left. I came back the next day for a routine check-up and was told that I won’t see hair growth for 3 to 6 months.

Now there was a little soreness on the head for a couple of days, like a slight bruise. And if I am going to be totally honest once I had it done and a month passed I didn’t really feel anything was going to happen. Impatience comes with the territory of my personality. But after 3 months I started seeing it happen. It was really kind of crazy.

Slowly but surely these hairs started growing in places I had not seen before. After 6 months I was blown away! I went in to see Dr Boden and he said, “Wait, there is more to come”. At that point it could have been done and I was completely satisfied but as time went on it got better and better. Now when I look in the mirror I don’t see those areas that bothered me anymore! I feel great and I feel like something magical (I know corny) has happened here.

There is one thing that rang out in my head that Dr Boden said to me. He said that “The change would be subtle and slow, and that people around me won’t know what is different with me.” They might ask if I had been working out or that I lost weight. They won’t be able to pinpoint the change. And come to find out he was correct. More people asked if I was working out then I can mention. It was comical really. People were like, “you are looking good, have you lost weight”? And I would just throw a smirk on and say, “yes”. ?