Dr. Boden Discusses the Hair Transplant Field on The BaldTruth with Spencer Kobren

Medi Spa Hair Transplants – It’s a Thing and It’s Usually Not Good

Dr. Scott Boden talks with Spencer Kobren of The Bald Truth and founder of the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS). During this segment Dr. Boden discusses the trend of untrained physicians that have incorporated hair transplant surgery into their practice. Many of these practices are med spas, dermatology practices, plastic surgeons and even family medicine.  The expansion of this trend is partly based on the advent of new automated devices that assist in the FUE hair transplant procedure. These device companies provide teams of unlicensed technicians to do the actual surgery and the physicians have little or no training in hair restoration surgery.

What is the ABHRS and Is It Relevant?

Scott Boden M.D. has a candid conversation with Spencer Kobren concerning the value of becoming a diplomate of the ABHRS as well the importance for the board to change its ideology and thinking to fit today’s times.