FUE Europe Conference Puts Charlatan Operators On Notice

Recently Dr. Boden presented at an international hair restoration conference called FUE Europe Here’s what was discussed in a leading European men’s magazine regarding the purpose of the gathering: “There’s a new era unfolding in the hair transplant surgery industry, and it’s about time. Those of us involved in it – whether as medical professionals, influencers or other – who actually give a damn about the patients signing up for this surgery, have been deeply concerned for a long time. It’s no exaggeration to say that the industry has been rife with charlatans for years. It’s become flooded with unqualified, money-hungry, maiming amateurs, hell bent on filling their pockets at the expense of their hapless patients.”

IAHRS leading hair transplant surgeon Dr. Scott Boden from Connecticut, USA presenting a powerful talk to the audience on Donor Area Anaesthesia at the conference.

The 8th Annual FUE Europe Conference in Manchester was a collaboration between FUE Europe and the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons. The event brought together pretty much a who’s who of industry superstars as well as passionate newcomers and everyone in between. What each individual had in common was the deep desire to do right by patients. FUE Europe and the IAHRS exist to preach best practice, promote accountability and provide a community that invites, supports and encourages ethical players to attain and maintain supremely high standards. You could think of it as an exclusive club that only admits members with the best intentions, who genuinely want to see this industry thrive and who truly care about patients’ rights, needs and results.

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