Operation Restore

This young male cancer survivor, currently in his 30’s, was missing half an eyebrow after having a basal cell tumor removed from the area several years ago. The hair never grew back and the patient felt very self conscious about his face.

Dr. Boden performed the eyebrow transplant using a follicular unit extraction technique. This new technique excises single follicular units one at a time and is a less invasive procedure making scarring less visible.

"Often times people view hair restoration as a vanity thing," said Dr. Boden. "But, there are many cases where injuries and medical conditions have caused permanent hair loss. It's a great feeling to hear someone proclaim, 'You have given me my face back as well as my self confidence.'"

In addition to managing his own practice, Dr. Boden is a participating physician with the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons Operation Restore program, which helps people who have lost hair as a result of disease or trauma and lack the financial resources to have corrective hair restoration surgery.

"Through Operation Restore and patient referrals, these pro bono opportunities have been the most rewarding for me," said Dr. Boden. "I am helping someone who has already overcome so much get a bit of their self esteem back through hair restoration – a procedure they wouldn't have been able to have otherwise," said Dr. Boden.