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With today’s ultra-refined hair transplantation and FUE techniques you can have fuller hair and have a natural hair line that is indistinguishable from the one you were born with.

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Our Before & After Gallery shows the remarkable results Dr. Scott Boden has achieved with his advanced and specialized hair restoration procedures.

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Watch our patients tell their hair restoration stories and share their results, providing a more in-depth look at Dr. Scott Boden’s work.

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  • I am still amazed when I look in the mirror today. I can't believe that 1 painless day a few years ago has given me back so much hair. Being almost 50 yrs old, I can not imagine how I would feel today, looking in that mirror, had I not trusted you and moved forward with the procedure!
    Richard G.
  • Dr. Scott Boden and his staff are stunning. They're helpful, insightful, and honestly a real joy to spend time with. From the consultation, to the pre-op, to the surgery, and right on through the post-op; my experience with Dr.Boden and his staff has been wonderful.
    Ryan L.
  • Your obvious extensive knowledge and skill, combined with your use of humor, furthered my comfort before, during and after the procedure. Your staff were unfailingly personable and attentive to my needs during the day. There was an air of professionalism, combined with kindness, throughout the staff that has led me to wholeheartedly recommend you to a few interested friends.
    Karen L.
  • I wanted to thank you for making my transplant experience so great. I didn't realize how easy it would all be, and the care and professionalism of your team made my experience a really pleasant one.
    Edward L.
  • I had my scheduled appointment yesterday with my dermatologist, and she was thrilled, as am I, with the results of my hair restoration to date. I want to thank you for your kindness, generosity, and general good humor throughout. I could not be more grateful for all you and your staff have done on my behalf.
    Kathy M.
  • You changed my life! I am a new person thanks to your care, concern and expertise! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    Mike M.