1 Session FUT Hair Transplant – Norwood Class 5

1 Session FUT Hair Transplant - Norwood Class 5

This 40 year old patient had fine hair and diffuse hair loss throughout the top of his scalp. His hair loss classification was a Norwood Class 5. He preferred his hair a little longer in the back and was comfortable with a FUT linear excision to harvest the grafts. This often allows Dr. Boden to harvest more hair, more efficiently than FUE individual hair graft harvesting. The grafts were dissected and sorted under microscope by Dr. Boden's experienced hair transplant technicians.

In the video below Dr. Boden describes the patients case specifics and combs through his newly transplanted hair 1 year after surgery.

Top view before and 1 year post op.

Before and 1 year post op - left part view.