Injections that can treat hair loss for men and women


A certain treatment is bringing hope to people who suffer from hair loss.

"Often times women with hair loss sort of are perceived by others as not being healthy," said Dr. Scott Boden, Hair Loss Specialist.

A promising solution is now on the market for men and women with no surgery and little side effects called Platlet rich plasma injections.

PRP injections use your body's own cells to regrow hair.

Dr. Boden told Western Mass News that studies supporting the method have been around for about thirty years.

PRP injections start off using the patient's blood.

Then, the plasma is processed in a two-step medical centrifuge where healthy platelets that promote healing and growth are separated and re-injected in the scalp.

The only side effect Dr. Boden has seen is minor redness.

There is not a specific FDA-approved protocol but the injections have shown promising results when done by a professional.

Dr. Boden said he finds the PRP injections work well in conjunction with other therapies.

Women and men with generalized hair thinning and genetic hair loss would be the best candidates.

The key to the success of the injections is maintenance, as Dr. Boden recommends getting the injections once a year.

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