Medical Therapy For Hair Loss Is The First Option

July 13, 2021

Medical therapy is not just an important adjunct to maintain your existing hair after transplant, but it’s also an important therapy to start even before transplant. We have many patients, who do medical management only and don’t have hair transplant surgery.

FUE Hair Transplant Patient Story

April 6, 2021

Dr. Boden’s patient Jeff experienced early male pattern baldness. He describes his hair regrowth story by starting with medical therapy because of his age. Because young men can experience severe hair loss overtime Dr. Boden was very cautious with Jeff’s treatment. After approximately a year of medical therapy and modest hair regrowth in the crown…

The Impact of Hair Transplant Surgery For The Transgender Patient

December 4, 2020

Dr. Scott Boden, a founding faculty member of the Global Hair Loss Summit, discusses hair transplant surgery for the transgender patient and the psychological impact of restoring their hair with GHLS co-founder and consumer advocate Spencer Kobren.

Dr. Boden – Founding Faculty for 2020 Global Hair Loss Summit

November 27, 2020

​The Global Hair Loss Summit 2020 brings together the very best and brightest in surgical hair restoration. Dr. Scott Boden is proud to be a founding member of the GHLS which will be a Virtual conference from Dec. 4-6, 2020. The GHLS is devoted to providing industry-leading educational and networking events with an emphasis on…

COVID-19 Office Update

March 29, 2020

The well-being of our patients and staff is our top priority. We are now offering “virtual” telemedicine services doing this period, and want to be sure that you get the care that you need. You can either call 860-563-1400 , email [email protected] or submit a  web site contact form. You can also schedule online for a virtual consultation with Dr. Boden at

Dr. Scott Boden Again Named One of the Top Hair Transplant Surgeons in the World

January 31, 2020

Again this year Dr. Boden was included in the list.   …. Dr. Boden said he’s “honored and deeply appreciative to be included in this list of esteemed colleagues. I believe taking an honest, ethical approach and striving to meet each patient’s needs with expertise and integrity is critical to success in our field.

FUT Hair Transplant Case Study – 1444 grafts

January 7, 2020

On the procedure date Dr. Boden transplanted 1,444 follicles – creating a soft natrual hairline that Derrick could camouflage with his existing hair until the transplanted hair grew in. In this video Dr. Boden describes the procedure and approach and Derrick describes his motivation for restoring his hair and satisfaction with the result.

Dr. Boden presents a twenty five year old patient who recently had an FUE procedure

November 13, 2019

In this video Dr. Scott Boden presents a mid twenty year old hair transplants result. This patient had 1400 follicles transplanted. The hairline design is purposely conservative , anticipating that the patient could have significant future hair loss. He was put on finasteride post-op to maintain his existing hair.

All Natural HRCC Hair Fibers For Thinning Hair

November 9, 2019

Hair fibers can be an important cosmetic adjunct to your hair loss treatment. At the Hair Restoration Center of Connecticut we are proud to introduce the all-natural, chemical-free HRCC Max, which is made of Gossypium Herbaceum fiber and Mineral-based colorant that blends with your existing hair to create a fuller, thicker look. We have made…

Female Hairline Restoration Case Study

November 7, 2019

Our female patient Katrina  was experiencing hairline recession similar to her father’s and was unable to style or pull her hair back without embarrassment. Because the area of her hair loss was virtually bald medical therapy was not an option.