Follow Up Video on Traction Alopecia Hair Restoration

Yaritza V., 31, underwent a hair transplant procedure about 1 year ago that was featured on Eyewitness News. Yaritza stated that she hoped the procedure would change her life. “I have hair loss because when I was younger, I used to put up my hair really, really tight,” she explained. The condition is called traction alopecia, where hair loss is caused by a constant pulling or traction on the hair that can cause permanent hair loss. She said notable bald spots appeared right along her hairline. “It really, really bothers me,” Vazquez said.

In a follow up visit recently, she was “absolutely thrilled” with the results so far. “My family can’t believe it!  I can finally wear my hair pulled back again.  I tried so many things to get my hair back but nothing helped until now.  I’m so happy I did the hair transplant.” Dr. Boden explained that she should expect to see even more density develop as the rest of the transplanted hair grows in over the next few months.

Below is the original news story when Dr. Boden performed the procedure on Eyewitness News.